ProAV Divisible Space Guide

When designing a divisible space, there are various configurations to consider. One crucial element is a divisible room status indicator. Our design incorporates a partition sensor that controls the audio and video routing to achieve this.

A partition sensor will be utilized to dictate the state of the room rather than the operation from a secondary touch control panel.

The environment will be bidirectional Video Conference Rooms for presenter and audience experiences.

Both rooms A and B will have an identical experience on either side of the divisible wall. The audience-facing camera will be mounted above the primary displays,, while below the confidence monitors, the presenter-facing camera will be mounted to replicate the presenter's eye contact from the far end. The wireless presenter microphones will provide the primary audio for voice lift and video conference input audio. The two ceiling microphones are designed to capture any questions or comments from the audience. The eight ceiling-mounted speakers per side, Video conference audio from the far end, and content sharing will be used for both sides of the meeting.

Once the wall is opened, an infrared partition sensor will be activated to determine the room's condition. The Divisible Room's computer and iPad for Room A will be spread across the area. The combined room will receive input from all four ceiling and presenter microphones. The output will be transmitted to the twelve speakers in the room. Additionally, the displays in the second room will mirror the video from the primary system.

There are numerous applications for this divisible space design principle, such as extending display and speaker coverage to overflow areas, expanding the functionality of spaces, and creating multi-room environments with divisible spaces. The possibilities for this type of design are limitless. To learn more about what is possible, please contact Creation Networks.

Room Install: Professional AV rooms typically requires a certified ProAV integrator to design, integrate & suppoort.
Room Size: 30+ people

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Divisible Space Equipment List

Confidence Display -Typically Ceiling Mounted (Room A)

Video Camera Options (Room A)

Confidence Display -Typically Ceiling Mounted (Room B)

Video Camera Options (Room B)

Speaker Options for the Divisible Space

Audio DSP Options (Dependant on quantity of Microphones)

Network Switch Options (Quantity & Port count dependent on the number of IP Devices)

Room Partition Sensor

Computer Options

Windows IoT Option

Cables and Supplies

Bulk supplies

Divisible Space Diagram

Divisible Space AV Diagram

Room Furniture Design

The furniture arrangement is crucial in shaping the ambiance and functionality of a multi-purpose room, all hands or presentation space. With the trend towards streamlined setups and eliminating bulky AV racks or cabinets, furniture that integrates technology has become increasingly important. Functional furniture is now designed to accommodate smaller, network-connected components and computers to cater to this shift. This guide will highlight some of our top partners who specialize in crafting an optimal furniture experience for all stakeholders, from attendees to IT technicians supporting the environment.

Key Furniture Partnerships

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