Q-SYS | Integrated Audio, Video & Control

Q-SYS Control next-generation products, available from Creation Networks, will change the way you work and connect.

Q-SYS Control Integrated OS

Q-SYS brings audio, video and control together under the Q-SYS OS which drives a fully integrated Q-SYS Core Processor, eliminating unnecessary programming (and costly points of failure) for interconnecting separate audio DSP, control processor hardware and video peripherals.

Simplified: From Schematic to Screen without Programming

Build robust user control interfaces (UCI) by simply dragging any Q-SYS DSP or control element from the Q-SYS Schematic into the new Q-SYS UCI Editor. Simple, one-button deployment for UCIs to any native Q-SYS touch screen controller from a single UCI, or hundreds of UCIs across an enterprise installation.

Scalable: QIO Series Network Audio Expanders

The Q-SYS QIO Series network audio I/O expanders extend your Q-SYS system’s capabilities and enable streamlined interoperability with non-networked audio devices. By separating local I/O from processing hardware, the QIO Series offer modular and easily scalable network I/O to support your desired topology. There are three models that offer mic/line connectivity to integrate consumer or professional audio devices into your Q-SYS system.​​​​

QIO Features & Benefits

  • Native network audio I/O solution for Q-SYS
  • QIO-ML4i: Four (4) mic/line inputs
  • QIO-L4o: Four (4) line outputs
  • QIO-ML2x2: Two (2) mic/line inputs and two (2) line outputs
  • Professional, high performance mic/line level inputs (with +48 VDC phantom power) and/or line outputs
  • Microphone detection on inputs to enable monitoring, usage statistics and failure notifications
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) capable or daisy-chain up to four QIO expanders on a single network run (with local daisy-chained DC power
  • Simple drag-and-drop integration and comprehensive management via Q-SYS Designer Software and Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager
  • Surface- or rack-mountable (1RU, quarter width)
  • Includes surface mounting hardware

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NV Series Video Endpoints

Easily integrate some of the most commonly used elements of today’s modern conference room with video endpoints and devices by approved Q-SYS Partners.

Add Rooms, Not Control Processors

The Q-SYS OS drives control from a single processor, allowing for centralized control and expansion of multiple rooms.

Why Creation Networks & Q-SYS?

Creation Networks is Q-SYS CERTIFIED, we enhance your productivity with the World’s most powerful software based DSP solution for Audio, Video & Control

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