Healthcare Audiovisual Technology Solutions

Improve Healthcare Expereinces With the Right Technology

Creation Networks Healthcare AV Technology experts help you find and implement the right technology to achieve your organization’s goals.

The Creation Networks Healthcare Technology Solutions will provide you with the tools and support you need to upgrade your organization. Take advantage of your audiovisual technology investments and improve your organization for patients, providers, and the communities you serve.

These solutions are designed to help your healthcare organization:

  • Manage a growing base of virtual and in-person patients with better mobility.
  • Minimize healthcare expenditures using preventive measures and personalized care.
  • Accelerate communications and collaboration for efficient care delivery.

For every space, there is an AV solution

Healthcare organizations rely on technology to assist them in making diagnoses, providing care, training and supporting staff members and keeping patients and their families engaged during the process. Healthcare organizations can improve performance and streamline care delivery with our quality, user-friendly, and reliable solutions.

Lobbies and Reception Areas

In order to keep your visitors entertained and informed, it is important that digital displays and digital signage are available in public areas so that they can easily access them. Through streaming video and content management, it is possible for patients, visitors, and staff to receive specific content and branded messages tailored to their needs.

Meeting and Collaboration Spaces

It is crucial that administration and clinical teams are able to collaborate and meet in environments that make use of audiovisual technology and unified communications as a means of staying connected, innovative, and effective.

Dining & Cafeteria Facilities

With digital signage in cafes and cafeterias, you can instantly update your menu items whenever needed. Strategically placed digital signage can also be used to promote menu specials and health initiatives to customers by promoting the location.

Patient Rooms

By implementing healthcare-grade patient televisions and digital patient whiteboards, you will be able to ensure care coordination and improve the overall patient and family experience. The staff, patients, and visitors are provided with real-time information integrated with the patient's electronic medical record (EMR).

Classroom & training facilities

The audiovisual solutions provided by Creation Networks are designed for classrooms and training facilities to be able to function flawlessly, reliably, and productively. A high-quality audiovisual system can take learning to a whole new level, whether that is used to educate staff members, medical students, or medical conference attendees.

Digital signage & wayfinding

Digital signage can be used in your hallways to provide directions and wayfinding to find information or directions. Schedule meeting rooms, promote public health initiatives, and convey important messages related to facility safety.

Engineered to meet your Requirements. Any Size. Any Scope.

We don't follow a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to conference room AV. We can design and install a system that meets your business's unique needs, regardless of the size of your space. AV professionals will assist you in selecting a package that brings your vision to life, and we'll handle the rest with seamless integration and precise execution.

Customized Healthcare Technology

Like all of our services, our Healthcare Technology Solutions are customizable to your needs. You can pick and choose the specific services and scope your organization needs to prepare for the future of healthcare.

Whether it is in the patient room or in the hospital boardroom, Creation Networks has earned a well-deserved reputation for high-quality audiovisual performance solutions.

Professional AV Design +
Local Installation & Service

Conference room AV systems designed and installed by our experts are among the most popular in the industry. With the largest global service network, we offer professional design, installation, training, and support in the U.S. Upon completion of your installation; we offer comprehensive telephone support and prompt on-site service.

Healthcare Technology Solutions

Wayfinding and digital signage in healthcare

Promote your hospital's excellence in care and create the kind of environment that will make those who enter your facilities feel welcome and comfortable. It is critical to keep patients, visitors, and staff informed about digital signage and wayfinding applications.

Digital signage promotes health services and recognize donors by engaging the community with digital content. In your healthcare facility, digital signage & displays can provide a number of benefits that will benefit your patients.

Meeting & Confencce Spaces

To connect staff and boost productivity, healthcare facilities need meeting and conference spaces. With meeting spaces ranging from large board rooms to huddle areas for clinical teams, our meeting spaces are designed to allow for easy and fast collaboration between team members for in-person or hybrid meetings.

Creation Networks can help to design and install products that will help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

AV Solutions for Training Facilities

Using classrooms, simulation labs, and lecture halls contributes to patient treatment and care success and advancement. This is done by bringing medical teams together physically and virtually.

As hospitals and health systems continue to strive to remain competitive, using immersive audiovisual technology for medical training facilities and diagnostic consultations is becoming more widespread.

Protected at the Point of Care

For a limited time only, get a 5-year warranty (3-years standard plus an additional 2 years) FREE on select NEC 65"-and-up C, E, M, ME, V, and X series large format displays. From the lobby to the patient room, NEC is there to help you display your message your way and engage your patients, visitors, and employees alike.

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