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Network Audio Music Streamers For Your Business

Network Audio Music Streamers For Your Business

Bluesound Professional is the world’s first modern music distribution ecosystem for commercial spaces. It includes components from streaming sources to loudspeakers to facilitate easy design, installation, setup and use of complete music systems in installations from one zone to large multi-zone facilities.

Network Audio Streamers

Why Should Retail and Hospitality Spaces Use Business Music Services

Bluesound Professional products are suitable for any commercial installation which requires flexible, high-quality reproduction of music from one or a variety of sources. Our systems are also controllable from a wild variety of devices and are designed for the high quality reproduction of audio.

Curated streams

Curated streams

Build a musical atmosphere to custom-fit your needs. As the day goes by, customer flow changes and your background music can be programmed to follow these in-store traffic patterns. Curate streams to fit different locations within the business, like a hotel lobby, bar, patio, or main dining room, and leave out music with explicit content and prevent interruptions.

Custom messaging

Custom messaging

Drive sales or influence in-store behaviours by incorporating promotional and strategic messages that come through at exact times or precise intervals.

More Control

Program content across different retail locations with centralized controls and ensure less song repetition and high-quality digital sound with minimal variations in volume from song to song. Securely prevent employees or customers from tampering with your strategically chosen audio content.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

User-friendly interfaces and seamless hardware and software integration all make it easier than ever to get the perfect playlist for any business. Users no longer need vast music knowledge to create a great atmosphere

Endless Content Options

Endless Content Options

With business music service subscriptions, you not only have access to vast catalogues of content, but it’s also ad and announcer free. This is especially beneficial for the hospitality industry, such as bars, restaurants, hotels and spas that want to create a seamless, immersive, and on-brand atmosphere to draw customers in.

It’s legal streaming music

It’s legal

Playing music to a group of people in a shop, restaurant, or any other public space, qualifies as a public performance and therefore the business is required to pay a royalty fee to the artist. By using a business music service, both content licensing (globally) and performing rights organization (north America only) fees are covered in the cost of the service, helping you to play music legally and avoid costly issues or lawsuits.

Bluesound Professional

Bluesound Professional - CS1 Endpoint Network Streamer

Bluesound Professional - Why Use Pro Devices for Commercial Audio

Listen To All The Music Ever Recorded

With Bluesound Professional products, you can instantly access and stream millions of songs from your existing music services, tune in to your favorite internet radio stations and podcasts, or listen to the amusic collections stored on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Simply tap the music you want to hear in the BluOS app and let a Bluesound Professional enabled product be the heart of your listening experience.    


With SoundMachine in North America, users can stream curated content – either algorithmically or by humans – with all rights paid. One monthly payment and you are ready to go. Messaging and scheduling allow for nuanced content to be played throughout the day – maximizing effectiveness and minimizing worker frustration. Business Premium allows rights-paid access to millions of songs from Napster’s catalog.

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Make Bluesound Professional Network Audio Music Streamers Work for You

Bluesound Professional is a range of equipment built for the design and installation of complete commercial audio systems, capable of the replay and control of music from a wide variety of streaming services and locally or network-stored digital music files. Systems can be small, one zone installations to large flexible multi-zoned and multi-purpose installations in any hospitality or business environment. Bluesound Professional units can form complete systems and are available for system solutions.

Seamless Music Integration with Control Systems

Bluesound professional products are designed to be controlled by a wide variety of devices. Native BluOS allows for control via Mac/PC or iOS/Android mobile devices. The Bluesound Professional CP100 provides a simple, elegant wall mounted control interface. Finally, Bluesound Professional products allow for flexible and powerful control from third party control systems, and interfaces exist for all of today’s market-leading systems.

Your Unique Brand Experiences

A modern, clutter-free and elegant way to build and save playlists, and continuously stream music to create a unique branded experience for your business– without CDs, FM radio, or plugging in iPods and phones.

High Quality Audio Hardware & Software

Bluesound Professional is the perfect solution for Systems Integrators who want conflict-free installation, reliable and market-tested solutions, flexible system design, premium audio quality, and dedicated integrator support. Our software provides a modern, clutter-free and elegant way to build and save playlists, and continuously stream music to create a unique branded experience – no more CDs, FM radio, or plugging in iPods and phones.

Access to Specialist Music Services

The BluOS operating system supports native integrations with popular streaming services, including commercially-licensed content provider, Sound Machine, who offers a generous customer referral program to installation partners of Bluesound Professional. Use of these services can allow for music rights payments to be bundled with content to facilitate the legal use of music. New services are being added to the ecosystem as they become available to future-proof installations.

Music Content Security

Security features prevent unauthorized parties from tampering with audio content so you stay in control of your audio distribution system at all times.

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BluOS is the operating system and music management software that underpins Bluesound Professional units. BluOS allows you to easily access and stream lossless music up to 24 bit/192kHz to every zone in your installation. Locate music anywhere on your network or cloud music service of choice (including those designed specifically for commercial use) and share it with any BluOS-enabled Bluesound Professional units in your installation. BluOS also allows for control of individual zones and hardware devices, as well as synchronized grouping into larger zones.

How Does it Work?

BluOS is a wireless ecosystem that uses a network to connect more than one enabled device and play your music in perfect sync, or different music simultaneously, anywhere in the building. Using advanced technologies, BluOS can wirelessly transmit lossless music up to 24-bit/192kHz at lightning-fast speeds with no lag and zero loss in sound quality.

BluOS is a wireless ecosystem
Industry-leading Music

Industry-leading Music Products & Service

At the heart of the Bluesound Professional ecosystem are a range of single and multi-zone networked streamers. Using the established BluOS operating system to access almost 20 streaming platforms and internet radio stations, these streamers also allow access to both network-attached and local storage devices containing your music libraries

Expert Support

Responsive and award-winning technical support is a phone call or email away. Customers receive priority service with dedicated experts that know the equipment and installation use cases intimately.

Conflict Free

Hardware and software conflicts are a thing of the past with Bluesound Professional’s market-tested, purpose-built ecosystem for networked audio distribution and music content management.

Music Licensing for your Business

Take the worry out of licensing music for your business. Customers receive priority service with dedicated experts that know the equipment and installation use cases intimately.

Highest Audio quality

Bluesound Professional products are also designed for the highest standards of audio reproduction, including the ability to replay high resolution and MQA audio streams.

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