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Jupiter offers innovative solutions to help streamline communications, boost collaboration and increase productivity.

Jupiter Pana 21:9 5K LCD Displays

Pioneering ideas, the ultrawide point of view

Jupiter enables mission-critical, 24/7 informed decision-making via collaborative visualization processors and software. We support government, military, public and private agencies, enterprise, healthcare, banking, energy, police, space, major transportation and more. We are introducing three lines of 21:9 displays to the market that bring compelling features and a new way of viewing and interacting with your content.

Discover Pana 105 21:9 Displays

Discover Pana 105 21:9 Displays

  • 21:9 in native 5K resolution
  • Touch and Non-Touch versions
  • Great C-Suite application
  • Preloaded with SimpleShare® (Optional)
  • See the World through a 21:9 Lens

Pana’s 21:9 ultrawide 5K resolution brings a refreshing form
factor to the conventional display market. Our 8-foot wide Pana
105 canvas optimizes team productivity allowing for improved
interaction and work place collaboration.

Discover Pana 81 21:9 Displays

  • 21:9 Ultra-wide aspect ratio
  • 5K Native resolution
  • Frameless glass to edge design
  • Precision metal-mesh capacitive touch
  • Incredible visual
  • Nimble 5K footprint
  • 76 x 33.3 inches
  • 1933 x 847 mm

The Market leader for ultra-wide LCD displays

Discover Pana 81 21:9 Displays

CASE STUDY: Microsoft Teams

Discover how the tech giant partners with Jupiter Systems to shape the future of collaborative spaces, leading the way globally.

Discover Pana 34 21:9 Ultrawide Display

Discover Pana 34 21:9 Ultrawide Display

All encompassing sound

Our 8-beamforming microphone array has multi-level noise cancelling capabilities to ensure a clean voice. And our 24-watt custom designed speaker system delivers true sound with a classic tweeter through base-reflex architecture.

Built for the modern office

We designed a flexible camera module that not only delivers the best of 4K/60Hz with swing and tilt movements, but also adjustable to Pana 34’s native 21:9 form factor, giving user a full screen visual experience.

Engineered to meet your Requirements. Any Size. Any Scope.

We don't follow a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to conference room AV. We can design and install a system that meets your business's unique needs, regardless of the size of your space. AV professionals will assist you in selecting a package that brings your vision to life, and we'll handle the rest with seamless integration and precise execution.

Zavus Xtreme Pixel MicroLED Videowalls

Zavus Xtreme Pixel MicroLED Videowalls

Jupiter engineered proprietary MicroLED video processing

3,840 Hz Scan rate

1,000 NitsSustained luminance

DCI-P3 Rec.2020 Dynamic color gamut

16 Bit Color processing

1,000,000:1 Contrast ratio

Touch Ready Anti-static, dust proof, water resistent

21:9 5K video wall sizes, or customized ratio

21:9 5K video wall sizes, or customized

Fit for Microsoft Teams Signature Rooms

Fit for Microsoft Teams Signature Rooms

Jupiter TAA Compliant Videowall Bundles

Videowall in a Box™ | Pana displays bundled with Jupiter software and processors

Jupiter’s Videowall in a Box solution, when sold as an integrated “end product,” is a “U.S.-made end product” as defined at Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 52.225-5, and is therefore Trade Agreements Act (TAA)-compliant.

Jupiter TAA Compliant Videowall Bundles

Features of the SimpleShare Interface

SimpleShare UX for Enterprise

SimpleShare UX for Enterprise

Collaboration made simple

The ultra-wide display and widescreen viewing undoubtedly offers an exceptional and improved user experience across enterprise workflows, including:

  • Team collaboration and data visualization
  • Optimal form factor for content viewing & sharing
  • Joint and individual project productivity
  • Improved ergonomics for proper posture without exaggerated reaching high or stooping low from lesser aspect ratios.
  • Modern workspace designs for evolving corporate real estate ecosystems.

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