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Acoustics, Noise and Vibration, and AV Systems Design Solutions

Our acoustical consultants work collaboratively with design professionals to engineer the appropriate acoustical environments for facilities in the design or pre-construction phases. For existing facilities in need of acoustical improvements, we work directly with building owners and facility managers to enhance or correct acoustics and control and mitigate noise and vibration.

Acoustic Room guidelines

The acoustic conditions of your room play an important role in both video calls and local meetings.

The three primary acoustic factors for the meeting experience are:

  • Reverberation in the room (RT60)
  • Noise levels (background noise)
  • Sound insulation between the room and the surrounding environment

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Conference Solutions

Acoustic Professional Services Offered

✓ Tuned bass trap design & consulting

✓ Audio system design & layout

✓ Predictive room response consulting

✓ Interiors and aesthetics design

✓ Acoustical system Reports

✓ Acoustical design and commissioning

✓ Acoustical sound engineering & design

✓ Background noise reduction design

✓ Acoustical ceiling panel installation

✓ Acoustical Material Products

✓ Interior acoustical treatment

✓ Bass resonance optimization

2022 Audiovisual Room Design Guide

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Acoustic Project Solutions

Acoustic Project
Acoustic Project
Acoustic Project
Acoustic Project

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