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Audio-Visual Technology is pivotal in revolutionizing both internal processes and customer interactions

Our specialists in AV Technology are adept at deciphering the technological needs of your banking and financial institution. They will guide you in choosing the most suitable solutions to achieve your operational goals. The initial step involves comprehending the nuances of your organization to smoothly navigate and eliminate any barriers to implementation.

We recognize the distinct technological needs of each business and are committed to helping you fully leverage your technology investment. Here’s how we can assist:

  • Premium Brand Products at Competitive Prices
  • Audio-Visual design & Integration Services
  • Audio-Visual Control System Programming and Interface Design
  • Audio-Visual Assistance and Technical Support
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Configuration
  • Digital Signage

Leveraging LED displays to enhance information communication

Banking and financial institutions are increasingly installing large LED displays and video walls in conference rooms and public spaces that leverage the technology’s enhanced resolution, brightness, contrast, and off-angle viewing characteristics to present financial data, stock tickers, meeting information, images and video as clearly as possible. The high visibility and attention-grabbing size of the LED video wall helps position the company as forward-thinking and technologically adept, while connecting directly with the local customer base.

LED displays

Tailored to Fit Your Specific Needs. No Project Too Big or Small.

Our approach to financial conference room AV solutions is customized, not one-size-fits-all. We are equipped to design and install a system that aligns perfectly with your business's specific requirements, irrespective of your space's dimensions. Our AV experts will guide you in choosing a solution that materializes your vision, ensuring its flawless integration and execution with precision.

AV automation

Full Mastery through AV Automation Systems

Banks and venture capital firms are increasingly adopting diverse technologies to improve experiences for both customers and employees. Contemporary audio-visual control systems, popular among both individual users and businesses, can be effortlessly operated via mobile apps. These systems enable control over indoor and outdoor lighting, sound systems, motorized window shades, and HVAC units.

Additionally, their meeting rooms feature an intuitive room reservation panel outside. This panel displays a green light when the room is free and turns red when occupied, along with a touchscreen interface for efficient management and scheduling of the room's usage.

Showcasing Community Through Digital Content Displays

Videoconferencing enables banks to offer superior, personalized services, whereas digital signage and expansive LED display technology assist financial and investment firms in resonating with the community and culture of their customers. This approach cultivates more profound and loyal connections.

 Digital content

Expert Audio-Visual Design Plus Local Installation and Support Services

Our expertly designed and installed conference room AV systems are highly sought after in the industry. We boast the most extensive global service network, providing top-notch design, installation, training, and support services across the U.S. After your system is installed, we ensure continued support with thorough telephone assistance and swift, on-site service as needed.

Video Calls

Video Conferencing: Fostering Inspirational and Personal Connections

Video conferencing has rapidly gained popularity as a preferred communication method. Aligning with this trend, Bank of America's Advanced Center branch model leverages this technology through its digital concierge and dedicated rooms equipped with always-ready videoconferencing systems. Upon a customer's entry into the branch, the digital concierge immediately recognizes their presence and proposes a video link with a call center bank representative who can assist with their essential banking requirements.

Dedicated Account Managers

Dedicated Account Managers

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Online Account Tools

Online Account Tools

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