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When it comes to esports facilities, it's essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the distinct performance requirements to ensure that the AV system delivers a satisfying experience for both players and spectators. If you're starting from scratch, don't worry; our team of esports specialists is here to help.Similar to conventional sports, esports promotes teamwork, effective communication, and analytical thinking. In the field of education, educational institutions have begun incorporating gaming into their academic and extracurricular programs. This allows participants to develop crucial skills that can be utilized in both personal and professional settings.

The popularity and growth of esports competitions have been significant, with many organizations, schools, and colleges adopting them professionally, as well as at the K-12 and collegiate levels. The National Association of Collegiate Esports has reported that over 170 American colleges have started offering esports programs at the varsity level, and scholarships worth $16 million per year on average are being awarded.

The unique performance needs of esports facilities requires a broad level of knowledge and expertise to ensure the AV system provides a good experience for players and spectators alike. Even if you’re starting completely from scratch, don’t feel overwhelmed. We are esports experts.

eSports encourages an inclusive environment.

Students who had never participated in extra-curricular activities prior to esports make up nearly 80% of K12 Esports teams. Gaming does not require traditional athleticism, making it inclusive of all body types and physical ability. Esports even crosses social and gender lines creating opportunities for students to engage with diverse teams.

eSports nurtures social and emotional learning.

Team esports relies heavily on constant communication, collaboration, planning, and execution. Students learn to deal with intense emotions in a competitive environment while being supported by their teammates, ultimately building relationships and self-confidence.

eSports offers opportunities beyond K12 & College.

Think esports is only a hobby? Think again! Currently, there are more than 200 colleges and universities offering nearly $15 million dollars in scholarships to high school students. This creates a new path to higher education for students who had not previously considered continuing their education and even opens doors to post-collegiate job opportunities.

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Creation Networks can help you source the latest and most sought after eSports hardware & software solutions and technology. We offer the total solution, including equipment, installation, training and the team for tournament platform licensing for eSports Leagues.

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When establishing your scholastic eSports program, you need to create the gaming environment that meets your school's requirements. Whether your facility needs to support after school gaming, STEM-focused curricula, or in-depth competition and tournament play, your technology necessities will vary. With Creation Networks, you can bring your eSports priorities to life. We can provide the end-user gaming equipment, peripherals, and furniture you need, build out your solution.

eSports evolves the way students engage

Innovative schools are taking charge and embracing the eSports phenomenon, accelerating their digital transformation and bringing new levels of student engagement around:

  • School clubs and sports programs
  • Community projects and initiatives
  • STEM and technology-focused activities
  • College-level esports scholarships and internships
  • eSports-related careers
Esports Education

Scholastic esports — assembling your winning program

Creation Networks focuses on what makes a superior, smooth-operating, and well-rounded educational esports program, its goals and metrics, and how to sustain a vibrant, evolving environment that earns community-wide support.

If you want to start an eSports program but don't know where to begin, learn the critical elements schools must consider when building out their programs.

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