Da-Lite 21:9 Ultrawide Format Screens  

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Dive into the 21:9 Ultrawide Format for Immersive Video Conferencing

Why are you plugging your AV equipment into anything else?

Video conferencing systems using the ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio can provide a more immersive and equitable experience for end users. The format lends itself to conferencing software that places participants in an even row with plenty of room left over for a presentation space, live chat and ancillary data that aren’t constrained or divided by bezels. The Legrand AV ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio also opens more options for camera placement above the streaming content.

The brands of Legrand | AV can support this new hybrid video conferencing experience with projection screens and mounts, display mounts, arc tables, equipment-storing credenzas, auto-framing cameras, connectivity and much, much more.

Take some time to stretch your knowledge by visiting our room diagrams, product pages and more.

Download Da-Lite 21:9 Ultrawide Room diagrams

Ultrawide 21:9 Display Diagram

See how to integrate an ultrawide display into your next conference space.

Ultrawide 21:9 Projection Diagram

Set up an ultrawide projection system that grabs attention

Da-Lite 21:9 Ultrawide Projection Screen Product Portfolio

Download the Projection Screen Product Portfolio

Da-Lite Ultrawide Screens

Da-Lite 21:9 Ultrawide Screens

Ultrawide format is quickly becoming the standard for displaying hybrid video conferencing solutions, where all attendees, whether they are in person or virtual, are equitably seen and heard.

Da-Lite offers a complete line of electric and fixed frame screens in 21:9 Ultrawide Format standard part numbers

Chief 21:9 Ultrawide Display Mounts

Big players in the corporate conferencing and digital signage world are modifying their products to support 21:9 aspect ratio ultrawide displays. See the different configurations from Chief that support Ultrawide Displays and other displays with 1500x600 VESA pattern. Additional accessories are available – check individual product pages for compatibility.

Chief Ultrawide Display Mounts

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