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Barco is a technology company specializing in visualization and collaboration solutions for healthcare, enterprises, and entertainment.



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Leading Barco projection technology

Barco provides projection technology for various markets. Barco DLP business projectors are super silent and perfect for use in meeting rooms, boardrooms, collaboration rooms, or break-out rooms. Barco also offers rugged large-venue projectors that deliver excellent brightness for auditoriums, events, shows, and projection mapping projects. For the digital cinema industry, Barco provides laser-illuminated and lamp-based cinema projectors, as well as post-production projectors. Barco simulation projectors are ideal for simulation and training purposes, while our 3D stereoscopic projectors are the perfect choice for virtual reality.

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There’s always a Barco projector that fits your needs

At Barco you can choose the same brand for both mid-range as well as high-end solutions. From simple to complex, we have everything to fulfill a broad scope of varying needs.


  • The super silent installation projectors are highly suitable for use in meeting rooms or museums.
  • Our rugged rental projectors offer excellent brightness for outdoor and indoor live events and projection mapping shows.
  • To answer the demands of the simulation industry, we have developed a range of dedicated pixel-perfect projectors.
  • And for the cinema industry, we offer the latest laser-illuminated digital cinema projectors. 

Barco Projector+

The Barco portfolio features a full suite of tools and peripherals to support creativity, efficiency, and reliability in the most diverse setups. The little extras that make the difference. The Projector+.


Get the perfect lens for your video projection set-up with just a few clicks using the Barco lens calculator, from ultra short throw to long-throw.

Third-party accesories

Our global network of trusted third-party partners ensures that you always receive top-quality service.

Entertainment Services

You can benefit from a complete modular service solution that guarantees worry-free outcomes for everyone involved.

Popular Barco Projectors

Barco Remote fleet management

Manage the complete installed base from a central cloud-based location with Barco Insights Management Suite.

  • Reduce time-consuming administration
  • Improve ROI and facilitate fleet optimization
  • Ensure faster and more effective troubleshooting
  • Stay in control with our secure and worry-free platform

Barco Pulse

Most of Barco's new projectors have Barco Pulse - a 4K electronics backbone integrated that supports warping, scaling, and 4K UHD processing. This leads to sharper images and the industry's lowest latency.

Barco Laser illumination

In the early days, lamps were the traditional go-to light source in the projection world, but for high-demanding AV cases laser is the way to go. The advantages of laser projection are manifold. Choosing laser is improving your projection experience with quality, simplicity and reliability, while also significantly reducing your costs.

Let’s find out which laser technology fits your needs.

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