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neat. makes simple and elegant video devices for Zoom and Microsoft Teams that make meeting experiences better by making sure you and your colleagues always look, sound, and feel great.

Creativity across the

Neat Bar is an efficient and stylishly designed meeting room device for Zoom or Microsoft Teams. It provides excellent audio and video for meetings, huddles, or focus rooms, and can be mounted either above or below a monitor. It comes with a wide-angle 4K camera and an ambient light sensor to adjust to various lighting conditions. It also has five microphones with an end-fire array, plus three sensor mics to optimize audio pickup. This innovative design gives maximum tonal range and minimal distortion, delivering a high-quality sound.

neat bar
neat board

neat.board Simple set-up.

Neat Board revolutionizes the way meetings are held by combining the features of Zoom and Microsoft Teams into a single, stylish device. The 4K 65" LED screen with wide-angle viewing and high brightness allows everyone to easily read presentations and observe facial expressions. Additionally, the integrated capacitive multi-touch display facilitates brainstorming and swift visual feedback with a simple tap. The custom-made, dynamic wide-angle 4K camera with ambient light sensor adjusts to changing lighting conditions. The end-fire mic array uses advanced beam-forming technology with five microphones designed to capture audio from within the camera's view. pro - It just works.

The Neat Bar Pro is a sleek appliance with an impressive suite of features. It is powerful enough to support multiple large screens, providing an exceptional audio and visual experience for people attending conferences in any space. This device allows for clear viewing of both people and content simultaneously, and its advanced capabilities create an incredibly realistic, immersive meeting atmosphere.

neat bar pro
neat frame

neat.frame -No idea left behind.

The Neat Frame 15.6-inch portrait screen allows for better communication in bigger meetings, showcasing every subtle expression and movement with its bright 450 nits of light. The 3x mic array and Neat audio processing algorithms make sure that your voice is heard clearly, while any unwanted background noise is eliminated. This prevents any issues with 'double talk' and allows conversations to move along more naturally.

It’s the total package

Neat Board transforms your meeting room experience by packing powerful technology and all the capabilities of Zoom or Microsoft Teams into an elegant all-in-one integrated touch screen design. Just plug in the power cable and you’re ready to go

A brighter board

The neat bar pro provides immersive 4K on a 65" LED screen with wide-angle viewing and stunning brightness enables everyone in the room to read presentation details and see facial expressions.

And with Neat Board's integrated capacitive multi-touch display, brainstorming and quick visual feedback are just a tap away.

No need for a dedicated PC

Neat Board offers a comprehensive and effortless solution for meetings and collaborations, with its expansive multi-touch display, remarkable audio system, and versatile wide-angle camera. In addition, it provides users with the ability to make annotations and use a whiteboard, creating a more immersive experience than your average video conference.

Responds to your presence

Neat Bar is an effective yet small-scale meeting room tool for Zoom or Microsoft Teams. It can provide excellent sound and visual capabilities for up to ten people in a meeting, huddle or focus room. It can be installed above or below one or two monitors, and includes Neat Pad, a touch screen which can be used to control meetings or show room availability.

One-click wireless sharing and proximity join that works every time

Integrated Bluetooth support and a wide-angle ultrasonic tweeter that fills all corners of the room ensure reliable device pairing in Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Brilliantly captures the entire room and zooms in on people

Neat Board is a comprehensive, streamlined, and sophisticated equipment bundle designed for meeting rooms. Its 65-inch multi-touch monitor, audio output, and broad-angled 4k camera lens offer an advanced collaborative experience, going beyond video conferencing and wireless data transfer to encompass annotation and virtual whiteboarding.

Enhances your voice, suppresses noise

Neat Board’s end-fire mic array uses advanced differential beam-forming with five microphones angled for optimal audio pick up within camera view.

Hardware-based Neat Audio Processing eliminates "double talk" issues (when a person's voice becomes garbled or muted by others talking over them or by any background noise), making conversations more natural.

neat devices for Zoom and Microsoft Teams

NEATFRAME-SE Personal Meeting Device

Video conferencing device with integrated touch screen - NEATFRAME-SE

NEAT Board -AV Cart Rolling Floor Stand

Neat Board - Rolling Floor Stand - NEATBOARD-FLOORSTAND

NEATBOARD-SE 65" Collaboration and Touch Screen Device

Includes 65" display, integrated camera & microphones, table stand. - NEATBOARD-SE

NEATBOARD-PAD Neat Board + Neat Pad - 65" Collaboration

65" Collaboration & Touch Screen and Controller bundle - NEATBOARD-PAD


Controller / Scheduling Display - NEATPAD-SE

Neat Bar Pro - Collaboration Bar designed for Zoom -

Includes Neat Bar Pro, Neat Pad controller, integrated camera, microphones and wall, table, and mounts. - NEATBARPROPAD

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