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Cafe Break Room


60’ x 109’ | 6,540 SF

Seats: 300+

Budget Range:

$110,000 - $180,000
$125,000 - $175,000

Please note: All pricing is conceptual and is based upon the wide range of product choices available. In addition, each space has unique considerations; acoustics, buildout, labor costs, infrastructure etc.…


The Café Break Room is designed for organizations that need a large-scale multi-purpose space for a large employee group. Dining, socializing, meetings and presentations are accommodated with a variety of settings like café tables, booths, and group tables with various seating postures.

Cafe Break Room TechnologyGuide

Cafe Break Room

Cafe Break Room AV Technology


In this expansive group setting, the dvLED video wall display is 136" and is the centralized hub for visual content, supported by two sets of dual 55” displays on both sides of each column and a single 98” display.

During large formal presentations, the projector and 180” diagonal motorized screen will provide an additional visual reference in the center of the space.

Distributed content can include 3 Cable tuners, Network Audio Music, digital signage sources, and laptop computers. A wall-mounted touch panel or iPad can select any source to be viewed on one or more displays. There are five seating booths, each with a dedicated 32” display to connect a personal device to share content.

Cable audio will be heard at low volume through the space, voice reinforcement and computer audio are distributed through recessed ceiling speakers when required. An assistive listening system provides audio support for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Cafe Break Room

Cafe Break Room AV Specs

Room Install: ProAV rooms typically requires a certified ProAV integrator to design, integrate & suppoort.
Room Size: 300+ people

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Planar Planar UltraRes L Series  - 136" dvLED Display
LG Commercial Display - 98” (1x)
LG Commercial Display - 55” (4x)
LG Flat Screen Displays - 32" (4x)
Chief large Tilt Mount - (4x)
X-Large Micro-Adjustable Tilt Wall Mount (1x)
Panasoinc LCD 4K Laser Projection System
Da-Lite 184" 16:9 Projection Screen

Input Sources:
Laptops (Owner Furnished Equipment)
iPad (Owner Furnished Equipment)
BlueSound Network Audio Music Streamers

Video Distribution:
Crestron DM-NVX-E30 (10x)
Crestron DM-NVX-D30 (11x)
Netgear M4250 24 Port Switch
High Speed 4k HDMI Cable 3ft (21x)

Video Conference System:
(2) Logitech Rally 4K Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras
Laptops (Owner Furnished Equipment)

Sound System:
Biamp X 1600 DSP Sound Processing
Wireless Microphones
SoundTube Ceiling Speaker Dante IPD4-CM52-BGM-II (16x)
Williams Assisted Listening Devices

Control System:
Crestron Wall Mount TSW-1070 10” Touch Panel
Crestron RMC4 Control System

Guest Seating, Stools, Benches, Lounge Seating, High Top Seating
Tables | Desks: High Bench Table, Café Tables, Mobile Tables

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