Theater & Auditorium AV Solutions

Theater & Auditorium audiovisual solutions

Whether you are sharing a presentation to a large audience, enjoying a performing arts department performance, or holding an awards ceremony, theaters and auditoriums serve various essential purposes at schools and universities. High-quality audio and video systems are critical in ensuring that every audience member sees and hears the performers and presenters clearly. Intricate technology systems feature multiple video screens, a high-definition laser projector, and flat panels displays along the side walls) intelligently wired sound system, microphones, and wireless capabilities for convenient and efficient use. Theaters and auditoriums often include video and audio recording capability for later playback and custom-programmed control systems for better equipment control. Additional technology components can include lighting, shades, and air conditioning. A touch panel interface can be integrated to adjust lights, shades, audio, and video.

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Typical AV Elements for Theaters and Auditoriums

  • HD projection system mounted in the ceiling
  • Multiple Flat Panel Displays throughout space
  • In-ceiling and/or in-wall speakers for audio reinforcement
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom video conferencing cameras
  • Ceiling microphone(s)
  • Wireless handheld & lavalier microphones
  • Audio DSP (“digital signal-processing”) for optimal sound
  • Custom-programmed control system with touch-panel
  • graphical user interface
  • All infrascturture & mounting hardware
  • Appropriate cabled- and wireless- source connections
  • Lectern and equipment
  • Equipment rack (if needed)
  • Cloud-conference subscription
  • Professional Installation swervices
  • Creation Networks Maintenance

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