Managed Audio Visual Support Solutions

Our AV support & service agreements make it easier to meet your maintenance, reliability, and performance needs while leveraging the total value of your technology investment.

We understand that purchasing an AV system for your organization can be a sizable investment. That’s why excellent commercial AV maintenance and support is essential to keeping everything running as it should and is the key to getting the best return on your original investment. While a manufacturer’s warranty is critical, you should know that manufacturer warranties are only good for “depot service.” This means they don’t cover ANY onsite or remote support, including troubleshooting, dismounting, and re-installing malfunctioning equipment, consumable (e.g., lamp) changes, or manufacturer-recommended routine equipment maintenance.

Choose Creation Networks Technology Room Solutions and our AV team will provide professional AV support solutions to keep your workplace operations running smoothly. Depending on the level of support you need, our expert Support personnel – Engineers, Programmers, and Technicians – will keep you covered with remote monitoring, remote and onsite trouble resolution, and preventive maintenance visits, increasing the lifespan of your systems and eliminating the stress and cost of unnecessary downtime.

Audio-Visual Support Solutions

Our Managed Audio-Visual Support Solutions Include:

  • REMOTE AUDIO VISUAL SYSTEM MONITORING AND NOTIFICATION: From our Cloud notification platform, we can remotely notify of system issues and begin responding within minutes…usually before your end-user discovers it so that you can move from RE-active to PRO-active system support.
  • REMOTE ISSUE TROUBLE-SHOOTING, RESOLUTION, AND ESCALATION: Once we are alerted to a problem, our team of support professionals can troubleshoot and resolve your problem remotely, allowing us to provide faster, lower-cost support. And when we can’t fix an issue remotely, we will be ready to roll a truck to your location expeditiously.
  • QUALIFIED ON-SITE AV SUPPORT: Our certified, friendly Support Technicians can provide on-site support if, when, and where you need it.
  • ONLINE TICKETING SYSTEM:  Whether you choose to have us monitor your system or not, you can report an observed problem 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Submit your trouble ticket to our SUPPORT HELP DESK, and your request will be time-stamped and routed to the team members dedicated to your support and success.
  • ALWAYS-ON, CLOUD-BASED MANAGEMENT PLATFORM: Leverage the power of the cloud to monitor system performance from across the hall, campus, or country. No need to install any software on your servers.
  • SOLID SECURITY: Our monitoring approach is designed to provide the minimum footprint in your system with maximum security. Our team can engage with your cyber-security personnel to explain exactly how our process works.
  • QUARTERLY SYSTEM STATUS REPORTING: Our reporting engine can provide numerous reports, including outages, response times, and more upon request or scheduled.

Learn More: AV Preventative Maintenance Report

Creation Networks AV Maintenance & Support Services

Choose a Creation Networks Support Plan that is right for you:







  • Remote system monitoring by Creation Networks personnel (24 x 7 tickets requests with onsite schedule options)
  • Expedited remote support and issue resolution, varies by Service Level Agreement.
  • Expedited ON-SITE* resolution of incidents that cannot be resolved remotely
  • An always-on, cloud-based management platform
  • Includes hardware for remote monitoring
  • Automated notifications of system issues
  • 5% discount toward the purchase or rental of required repair parts and "loaner" equipment
  • Easily cancelable with 30-day written notice with pro-rated refund
  • Available in one-, three-, and five-year terms.
  • Pricing starts with a $2,500 one-time onboarding cost, then $1,600 per year per room for remote monitoring including onsite dispatch support.


  • Purchase a bundle of support hours that you can use for any combination of:
  • Remote and/or on-site support;
  • Remote or on-site live event support;
  • Preventive maintenance visits and system wellness checks.
  • Programming modifications for control systems or other programmable systems elements;
  • Remote or on-site training; and "Small” system installation.
  • Hours may also be converted to a prescribed dollar value for purchasing hardware, supplies, or accessories.
  • Hours don't expire until:
  • Three years after substantial completion on a covered project
  • Three years after purchase date, if purchased separately or renewed
  • Pricing available for on-site bundles of 25 hours and above.


  • Up to two hours of on-site support time
  • One Technician
  • Time can be extended while on-site
  • Price good within 55 miles of servicing office.
  • Longer distances will require an additional travel charge.



  • Remote DSP Configuration
  • Remote firmware & software updates
  • Remote Installation Support


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