Shure's Microflex Wireless neXt 2 Transforms Audio Integration for Hybrid Meeting and Educational Spaces:

The Shure Microflex® Wireless neXt system featuring the MXW neXt2 is much more than a wireless microphone. It is an all-in-one commercial audio solution for corporate hybrid meeting as well as education spaces, hybrid classrooms, training rooms, and lecture halls that provides superior audio for conferencing and presentations all in one solution. The corporate and educational landscapes demand seamless and high-quality audio-visual microphone solutions that are easy to setup and powerful in features.

To cater to the increasing need for intuitive solutions, Shure has launched its latest innovation, the Microflex Wireless neXt 2 (MXW neXt 2). This cutting-edge audio solution has been designed to enhance collaboration in both the corporate and learning environments with a rich feature set.

  • Microphones store in convenient charging dock so they are ready for a full day of use.
  • Automatic Wireless Frequency Management finds open channels and avoids interference automatically.
  • Select Presentation, Conference, or Direct mode to instantly configure the system for different uses

With an outstanding history in the audio industry, Shure promises to redefine how we perceive sound in hybrid spaces.

Unveiling the MXW neXt 2: A Leap in Audio Technology

The MXW neXt 2 system, unveiled ahead of ISE 2024, is not just another product release; it represents a significant leap forward in wireless audio technology for small and meduim rooms. Designed to cater to the nuanced demands of both corporate boardrooms and dynamic educational settings, the system's allure lies in its blend of simplicity, flexibility, and cutting-edge features. It's a testament to Shure's commitment to addressing the evolving needs of AV/IT professionals and end-users alike.

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User-Centric Design: Meeting Modern Needs

One of the standout aspects of the MXW neXt 2 is its user-centric design philosophy. Doug Daube, Shure's Director of Conferencing and global Product Management, emphasizes the system's role in fostering enhanced meeting equity and crystal-clear sound reinforcement. In an era where videoconferencing and hybrid presentations have become the norm, the ability to deliver consistent, high-quality audio effortlessly is invaluable. The MXW neXt 2 achieves this with an elegance and efficiency that are rare in the industry.

Advanced Features for Seamless Integration

At the heart of the MXW neXt 2 system are its advanced DSP capabilities and a wide array of audio I/O connections, including USB, Dante networked audio, and analog inputs. Such versatility ensures that the system can adapt to any room configuration, from intimate meeting spaces to sprawling lecture halls. The system's plug-and-play nature, highlighted by the ability to pair microphones with the touch of a button, signifies a departure from the often complex and time-consuming setups associated with traditional AV systems.

All-In-One Simplicity and Flexibility

Moreover, the MXW neXt 2 introduces an all-in-one base unit that cleverly integrates an APT/charger and onboard DSP, streamlining the installation process and reducing hardware clutter. This feature, coupled with the system's network installation capabilities, offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility, allowing AV professionals to tailor audio solutions to specific room requirements without compromising on quality or functionality.

Innovative Microphones for Unmatched Reliability

Shure's innovation extends to the redesigned wireless microphones, which now come with high-resolution LCD displays for monitoring battery life and connection quality. The extended battery life—up to 28 hours for handheld microphones—ensures reliability through extended use, a critical factor for day-long conferences or workshops.

Seamless Hybrid Connectivity

The MXW neXt 2's seamless integration with video conferencing systems and MXA array microphones facilitates a cohesive audio experience that captures the essence of hybrid interactions. Whether it's amplifying a presenter's voice, capturing in-room discussions, or delivering remote audio, the system ensures that every participant, whether physically present or joining remotely, is heard clearly and distinctly.

MXW neXt 2

Prioritizing Security in Audio Solutions

In an age where data security is paramount, the MXW neXt 2's inclusion of Shure Audio Encryption, based on the AES-256 algorithm, offers peace of mind. This feature underscores the importance Shure places on confidentiality and security, ensuring that sensitive discussions remain private.

Shure neXT 2 shows at ISE 2024 Showcase.

Recently, Shure had a showcase event for their new product, the MXW neXt 2, at ISE 2024. This wireless audio system is not just an ordinary product; it's a revolutionary solution that promises to enhance the audio experience in corporate and educational settings like never before. With the MXW neXt 2, Shure is leading the way, setting new standards in the constantly evolving world of audio excellence.

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