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Transform your lobbies, wayfinding signage and other office displays with LED video walls.

Captivate Employees, Visitors & Clients with stunning LED Videowall Technology

With our state-of-the-art video wall visualization systems, we combine leading design with high-performing videowall products. The video wall design provided by Creation Networks for enterprise, retail, mission-critical command and control facilities is unmatched.

A 24/7 operations center or board room technology must meet higher standards than the average venue. Our video wall systems provide stunning visuals and the latest display technology, as well as the reliability demanded by mission-critical applications.

Creation Networks video walls are purpose-built and meticulously installed by our team of experts. The technology we use is vendor-agnostic so it is reliable and perfectly suited to your specific needs.

Video Conferencing

2022 Audiovisual Room Design Guide

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Our AV Technology specialists have spent decades focused on understanding the needs of organizations like yours.

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LCD Videowall

Design & Build A/V Services - We offer turnkey video wall solutions

  • Video Wall Displays: Video wall displays are a set of screens that form a video wall. In order to present information clearly, they must be of the highest quality.
  • Video wall controllers give you total control over the content and presentation of your video walls. Content on your screens can be easily managed with video wall controllers.
  • Using video wall processors, content can be managed across multiple screens in order to create one display.
  • To connect such large displays together, video walls use different accessories and hardware. High-quality accessories from Constant ensure long-term performance and longevity.
  • We offer a wide range of videowall options for your business to meet its specific requirements.
  • Our installation team will take care of the installation and training of your videowall so that you can reap the benefits as soon as possible.
  • Constant also offers different service contract options to handle any questions or problems that you may encounter with your video wall.

Why Choose Creation Networks?

Expertise unmatched

We at Creation Networks have installed video walls for decades, delivering high-tech, customized solutions for mission critical applications. As a result, we know what products will work best to achieve your objectives with video walls and how to install them.

Our team is proud to have worked with data-secure industries such as governmental departments, transportation hubs, weather teams, and other tech companies. If you're in need of visual wall solutions, trust our expertise and industry knowledge.

Customized Design

Display technology used in our video walls is available from a number of different vendors in several different sizes and types. Creation Networks works with you to determine the most appropriate technology for your space, giving you a custom solution tailored to your unique needs. Every job is different, so every visual wall should match.

We don’t sell an “out of the box” solution, because in our business, there is no such thing. We sell technology solutions for when your business requires a visual wall to display real-time data and images to make critical decisions that affect millions of people. There’s no such thing as a standard video wall design – your video wall design is based on your order with your needs in mind, every single time.

Expert Installation

Our team of expert programmers and technicians will install and integrate your video wall system. From day one, we offer turn-key video walls so that your A/V solution can be up and running.

It is our goal to make sure that your visual wall solution is working seamlessly through the whole process, and we aren't satisfied until you are. There will never be an expectation that "the kinks will work themselves out" or that "you'll get used to it." Our goal is to set you up, train you on how to use, and make your experience with the visual wall as enjoyable as possible.

Service and Support

Our technical support services range from on-demand time and materials to multi-year contracts at Constant. In addition, we provide preventative maintenance and extended hardware warranties to our clients.

As a client, we want you to be happy not only with the installation of your visual wall, but also with how it contributes to the success of your organization for many years to come. Our Creation Care plans can provide protection in urgent situations and ensure your visual wall lasts a long time.

led video walls

Creation Networks offers an impressive range of video wall technologies

LCD Video Walls

Our LCD displays are chosen for their unmatched brightness, clarity, and reliability. Creation Networks only partners with vendors whose products have the longevity necessary for mission-critical applications. In mission-critical areas, LCD displays have long been the display type of choice due to their 24/7 reliability and high-resolution display.

LED Video Walls

Quality and durability are the hallmarks of LED displays deployed by Creation Networks. We carefully select products from hand-picked vendors that offer high-quality visualization and 24/7 reliability. The use of LED video walls can create a seamless video wall solution, as they are energy efficient and do not have bezel edges. To create a curved video wall, LED displays are the ideal choice because they have smaller margins than LCD displays.

4K Video Walls

There is no comparison between 4K video walls and full HD video walls in terms of their resolution and picture quality, which are four times bigger. It is imperative to ensure that all hardware and cabling infrastructure can process 4K signals when using 4K video wall displays. As part of the installation process, Creation Networks is mindful of all factors - from cabling to processing.

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