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Your hybrid meeting space is a hub for professional activity, from brainstorming sessions, video conferencing to full-fledged presentations. It is possible to maximize the impact of communication efforts and make the most of your time in a well-designed hybrid meetign space. Professional AV solutions and expert AV engineers are needed to make this space perform at its best for your team and clients.

Video Conferencing

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Hybrid Video Conferencing

Hybrid Video Conferencing Technologies

When working in a hybrid video conference space, it is paramount to have the right technology. A quality audio-visual meeting space and video conference solution ensures clarity, efficiency, and an overall understanding of the subject matter, regardless of the communication medium you choose. This allows your information to reach a broader audience and have a greater impact, even if listeners are located elsewhere. The ability to integrate with virtual platforms, such as Zoom and Google Meet, creates a powerful network of resources you can work with every day.

Designing Hybrid Video Conferencing Spaces for Customers Changing Needs

The team at Creation Networks specializes in creating premier hybrid meeting spaces. Whenever we design hybrid meeting space or AV solution for our clients, we source the best display screens, video walls, and sound system components available. AV products in our inventory are all from major AV brands, and each piece of technology comes with Creation Networks expert training. This way, your team is always prepared to tackle a project with the aid of these audio and visual conferencing solutions.

Over 16 years of experience working with organizations like yours has made Creation Networks an industry leader. Therefore, we are confident that we can design the perfect hybrid meeting space for you. Many industries have already benefited from our solutions, including health care, retail, government, and enterprise. Let our team of professionals and experts find you the best setup to ensure ongoing productivity.

Contact us today for an evaluation of your existing conference room. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to form our recommendations and get you the best hybrid meeting space solution or the hybrid workspace you’re looking for.

Video Conferencing

Meetign Room Hardware & Installation

Custom meeting rooms can be designed and built according to your requirements.

Whether you're looking for small, rapid deployment options or full-featured options for medium to large meeting rooms, we offer audio visual solutions that combine ease of use with global technology standards to provide reliable and repeatable results.

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