Best-in-class Crestron Flex video conferencing meets Shure end-to-end premium audio

Two renowned and trusted brands join forces to bring you a flawless video conferencing experience.

Shure and Crestron have teamed up to bring you a seamless AV conferencing experience. Shure’s IntelliMix Room—the world’s first audio DSP software to achieve official certification for Microsoft Teams paired with the Crestron UC Flex Video Conference Systems—makes in-room presentations and meetings more productive and engaging. Turn the ordinary into extraordinary with flexible, accessible spaces to suit any meeting need.

Challenging meeting rooms solved

Shure IntelliMix® Room audio DSP software is the world’s first to achieve official certification for Microsoft Teams® software, paired with the Crestron Flex UC-C100-T Video Conference System Integrator Kit. It’s the perfect solution for all types of meeting spaces, from medium-sized rooms to large multipurpose rooms and customizable spaces.

Crestron + Shure

  • Scalable, customizable, minimalist solution for hard to solve spaces
  • Automatic Coverage™ technology
  • Sophisticated design complements any décor
  • Native Microsoft Teams® software
  • Streamlined deployment with flexible installation options

Crystal clear video, pristine audio

Video conferencing has never looked and sounded so good. With clear sound reproduction and intelligent mixing, your agenda always stays on track. End-to-end Microsoft Teams certified systems can be deployed without the need for a separate DSP device, with no cables and connections for audio other than category cable – it’s all on the network!

Certified for Crestron FLEX Video Conferencing

Automatic Coverage™ technology requires no setup yet gives you precise control of audio capture if desired. With next-generation array architecture for enhanced directional pickup and more natural speech, the MXA920 is easy to use and quick to deploy for AV conferencing, camera tracking, voice lift, or sound reinforcement.

IntelliMix® Room is digital signal processing (DSP) software designed for Shure networked microphones with videoconferencing software.

Teams Rooms Certified audio without the need for dedicated hardware DSP or USB interfaces, using Shure’s IntelliMix Room software-based audio DSP.

The linear form factor of the MXA710 with IntelliMix® allows for placement virtually anywhere in a meeting space

The Microflex™ MXN5W-C Networked Loudspeaker provides high-quality speech reproduction for AV conferencing applications

Safe and secure

With the unique Shure Audio Encryption between Shure devices in the signal chain, you can rest assured that your communications are secure; enabled with one click, and at no extra cost.

In addition, monitor any Shure audio device connected through Shure’s IntelliMix Room Software DSP through Crestron XiO Cloud®. For example, monitor device health such as online/offline status, device driver details, power cycle devices, and more.

Corporate, higher education, and more

Crestron + Shure is the ideal solution for multipurpose rooms and customizable spaces, whether they be corporate, education, or government environments.

See how Crestron has helped Spectrum Brands to update their meeting room technology with intuitive, easy-to-use solutions in order to elevate the workplace experience for employees.

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