AirMedia + Jabra PanaCast 50
Complete BYOD conferencing solutions

Deliver complete, advanced BYOD meeting capabilities to smaller spaces

Crestron + Jabra Panacast Intelligent video:
the future of hybrid work.

You can easily bring hybrid meeting capabilities to smaller spaces without deploying a full conferencing system with BYOD room solutions. It's easy to do that with AirMedia® Receiver 3200-WF and Jabra® PanaCast 50 video bar bundle.

Crestron and Jabra Panacast partner to bring hybrid meeting spaces

Video conferencing, reinvented

Jabra and Crestron join forces to bring intelligent video conferencing to the Crestron Flex digital workplace platform. The PanaCast® 50 video bar’s uniquely advanced system artchiteure powers a range of intelligent features: 180° video technology, advanced beamforming microphones and more, all designed to enhance the meeting room collaboration experience. And it’s plug-and-play for fast setup and maximum ease of use.

Crestron AirMedia for video conferencing


  • Access wireless presentations, share files, and video conferences from any device. Provides a better user experience and makes hybrid meetings more productive.
  • Make the distinction between in-person and remote meetings easier with quick access to cameras, speakers, microphones, and displays
PanaCast 50 video bar

PanaCast 50

  • Brings the power of intelligent video to meetings to create more natural, equitable, and immersive experiences
  • 180° view of room ensures everyone can be clearly seen
  • Remote participants are able to maintain engagement with everyone in the conference room with multiple views and close-ups

Smart Video Bar BYOD conferencing solutions


AirMedia® Series 3 Conferencing System with AM‑3200‑WF and Jabra® PanaCast 50 Video Bar


AirMedia® Series 3 Conferencing System with AM‑3200‑WF‑I and Jabra® PanaCast 50 Video Bar, International


Jabra® PanaCast 50 Intelligent Video Bar


AirMedia and Jabra PanaCast Video Bar BYOD Benefits

AirMedia + Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar
BYOD Key Benefits

  • Simple, end-to-end wireless collaboration for smaller spaces
  • Increases meeting efficiency and productivity
  • Easy to purchase, deploy, scale, and use
  • Easy provisioning and management via XiO Cloud® platform
  • Flexible options: bundle or Jabra PanaCast 50 video bar only

Whiteboard streaming

Remote participants can now fully see and contribute during whiteboard sessions. The PanaCast 50 enables you to live stream and enhance your whiteboard content so everyone on the call can see it, even when they’re not in the room. Intelligent algorithms automatically capture and live-stream whiteboard content in real-time, so everyone can actively participate from wherever they may be.

Jabra Panacast 50 Whiteboard streaming

Already have Crestron AirMedia installed?

Contact Creation Networks to add the Jabra PanaCast 50 video bar and tap into the benefits of intelligent video. A simple free firmware upgrade to existing AirMedia AM-3100-WF and AM-3200-WF devices can add wireless conferencing capability today.

Deliver even more capabilities to your hybrid meeting room

  • Add occupancy sensors to wake the room up, touch screens to manage schedules and content, and DigitalMedia™ technology to enable wired presentation and content distribution
  • Use AirMedia to manage organizational messaging from one location and provide custom digital signage capabilities in every space
  • Improve the effectiveness of internal communications by combining AirMedia with the services of our integrated software partners
Creation Networks delievers hybrid meeting room solutions

Let’s Talk About our Crestron + Jabra Panacast BYOD conferencing solutions

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Contact us to discuss a project or a custom-built solution. Or, you can email us at at your convenience.

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