Shure Elevates Audio Aesthetics: Introducing the Discreet yet Powerful MXA901 & MXA902 Ceiling Array Microphones

Redefining Professional Audio: The Arrival of the MXA901 & MXA902 Shure Ceiling Microphones

The latest Shure Ceiling Microphones are perfect for small and medium sized AV conference rooms, these microphones are Certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms and provide superb audio quality and sleek design. The quest for sleek, high-performance, and unobtrusive ceiling microphone technology remains paramount in the ever-evolving world of professional audio-visual solutions. Shure, a leader in the industry, has once again raised the bar with the introduction of the MXA901 & MXA902 are the latest jewels in the crown of the Microflex Advance line of array microphones. These new offerings are not just an addition; they are a testament to Shure's commitment to innovation, design, and the seamless integration of technology into the modern workspace.

Our sleekest ceiling array microphones yet, the MXA901 and MXA902 provide superb AV conferencing audio in a discreet and stylish 13.5-inch round or square respectively form factors that complement any interior design. Single Zone Automatic Coverage™ technology captures collaboration team memers and speakers clearly with no setup. Use one MXA901 or MXA902 in smaller rooms or multiple units in larger spaces. Onboard IntelliMix® DSP delivers echo- and noise-free audio, while next-generation array architecture ensures natural speech and enhanced directional pickup.

Discretion and Performance: The Core of MXA901 & MXA902 Design

The MXA901 Conferencing Ceiling Array Microphone is being hailed as Shure's smallest ceiling array to date, a significant achievement considering the demands of today's interior designs and architectural aesthetics. The MXA902 Conferenece Ceiling Microphone is first combination ceiling array microphone and loudspeaker for AV conferencing in small & medium spaces. The MXA901 & MXA902 are crafted for customers who refuse to compromise on performance yet demand a device that blends seamlessly with the interior decor. This microphones are designed to be discreet, ensuring that the technology does not overshadow the design elements of a room but rather complements them.

Hardware & Installation Services

Our portfolio of pre-configured, ready-to-deploy video collaboration Certified Zoom Rooms cover every aspect of your collaboration strategy. Our Zoom Room options range from small, rapid deployment solutions up to full-featured solutions for medium and large rooms - all designed with our Zoom Room Certified hardware to provide reliable, repeatable results anywhere you need them.

Expanding the Microflex Ecosystem: More Than Just a Microphone

Shure's Microflex Ecosystem has been synonymous with adaptability and quality, catering to various professional settings, from boardrooms to lecture halls. The introduction of the MXA901 and MXA902 expands this ecosystem, offering a new dimension of audio capture that is both refined and unassuming. Its small footprint is independent of its capability; the MXA901 and MXA902 are engineered to deliver crystal-clear audio, ensuring that every word is captured and conveyed with clarity, a critical factor in professional environments where communication is vital.

Enhancing User Experience: The Revolutionary Designer Software 6.0

Complementing the launch of the MXA901 & MXA902 is the release of the Designer Software 6.0, a significant enhancement over its predecessors. This new software iteration promises to revolutionize the user experience, simplifying the design and implementation process of Shure's ecosystem solutions. With an intuitive interface and advanced features, Designer Software 6.0 is set to streamline the configuration of audio systems, making it easier for professionals to tailor solutions that meet the specific needs of their spaces.

Real-World Applications: MXA901 in Action

Real-world applications of Shure's innovations are abundant and varied. For instance, in a corporate boardroom, the MXA901 & MXA902 can be installed without detracting from the room's aesthetic, ensuring that every participant's contributions are heard, not just within the room but also by remote participants. In educational settings, such as universities, the MXA901 & MXA902 can enhance the delivery of lectures, making them accessible to students in the room and online, ensuring that the quality of education is not compromised by poor audio.

Shure's Commitment: Innovating for Tomorrow's Communication Needs

The introduction of the MXA901 & MXA902 and the enhanced Designer Software 6.0 clearly indicates Shure's understanding of the evolving needs of professional environments. The ability to offer high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly solutions sets Shure apart in the professional audio-visual industry. As the Microflex Ecosystem continues to grow, it is evident that Shure remains committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of their customers, ensuring that technology enhances every communication in every space, every time.

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