Optimizing Conference Room Audio with Biamp Launch: A Closer Look at TesiraFORTÉ X and Devio SCX Integration

In today's digital age, where remote collaboration and virtual meetings have become an integral part of our daily work routine everyone needs a simple solution.  Biamp Launch offers a one touch easy button bundle implementation for small, medium and large rooms. Not only does this allow in-house IT teams to impllement state of the art room solutions but it provides ease of use, desgin, and impeccable audio quality. Ensuring conference room audio is clear, natural, and without interruptions or disturbances is of the utmost importance. Recognizing this, we are proud to announce that Biamp has introduced an innovation that promises to transform the way we set up and fine-tune our audio-visual equipment: Biamp Launch.

Biamp Launch and its Benefits

The Power of Biamp Launch

At its core, Biamp Launch offers auto-configuration technology for TesiraFORTÉ X and Devio SCX DSP devices, ensuring seamless integration and optimization without the need for intricate manual programming.

Here's how it works:

  • Automatic Discovery & Configuration: Once Biamp Launch is activated, it begins by detecting connected Biamp devices, initiating a suite of processes designed to auto-configure them to their optimal settings.

  • Efficient & Consistent: Whether you're pressing the Launch button on the device or accessing it through the embedded user interface, the results of the auto-configuration remain consistent. This means even if you run the auto-configuration multiple times, the performance remains stable.

  • Performance Reports: Upon the completion of the setup, Biamp Launch offers a comprehensive performance report. This ensures that the user knows the exact capabilities of their configured meeting space.

Who is this for:

  • Biamp Launch is designed for standard small, medium and large rooms.
  • Existing IT teams can setup, deploy and configure
Biamp Launch Performance Reports

Biamp Launch Report Card

4 Steps to Setup Biamp Launch

  1. Preparation: Before initiating the Launch process, make sure that all peripherals are connected appropriately as mentioned in the installation guide. It's essential to update to the latest firmware to ensure compatibility and optimum performance.

  2. Initiation: Biamp Launch can be started either by pressing the Launch button on the front panel of the TesiraFORTÉ X or Devio SCX or from the device's web user interface.

  3. Auto-Configuration Process: Upon activation, Biamp Launch will perform a series of tests. During this period, staying silent is crucial as the system gauges the background noise and evaluates the room's acoustic properties. Depending on the setup, this process might take anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes.

  4. Completion: When the process completes successfully, the system will announce its readiness, and the LED will glow steady green.

Biamp Launch Kit Layout

Hardware Compatibility

Small Meeting Rooms: For Huddle and Small Spaces, 1-4 People

  1. Devio SCR-10, SCR-20, or SCR-25 Conference Room Hub Systems
  2. TTM-XEX Tabletop, TCM-X Ceiling, or DCM-1 Pendant Microphone

3.Vidi 250 ePTZ Auto Framing Camera

4. Cables Included

Links to Small meeting Room Bundles:

Biamp Small Room Kit

Medium Meeting Rooms: For Spaces Around 8' x 20', 4-12 People

1. Devio SCX400 or TesiraFORTÉ X 400 DSP (Digital Sound Processor) System Hub

2. TCM-XA  Ceiling or TTM-X Tabletop Microphone with amplifier

3.Desono C-IC6 Loud Speakers

4. Cabels included

Links to pre designed Medium Room Bundles:

Biamp Medium Room Kit

Large Meeting Rooms: For Spaces Larger than 18' x 20', 12-20 People

  1. Devio SCX 400 or TesiraFORTÉ X 400 DSP (Digital Sound Processor) System Hub
  2. TCM-XA Ceiling Microphone and TCM-XEX Extension Ceiling Microphone or TTM-X Tabletop Microphone and TTM-XEX Extension Tabletop Microphone

3. Desono C-IC6

4. Cables Included

Links to pre designed Large Room Bundles:

Biamp Large Room Kit

Biamp Launch is designed to work seamlessly with a range of devices, including:

However, note that Biamp Launch does not currently support the configuration of Dante I/O or GPIO on TesiraFORTÉ X devices.

In-Depth Analysis During Launch Process

During the Launch process, Biamp uses its Parle mics as high-quality omnidirectional test microphones. These mics, in their special test mode, have known output characteristics and can be used as reference mics for room measurements.

The system evaluates the efficiency and frequency response of each loudspeaker. Based on this analysis, it assigns EQ adjustments to ensure the output matches the desired settings. Amplifier gain adjustments and peak limiters are also set accordingly.

When Things Don't Go as Planned Troubleshooting Biamp Launch

While Biamp Launch is designed for ease of use, there may be instances when the configuration doesn't succeed. In such cases:

  • Ensure the latest firmware is loaded.
  • Verify the connected devices on the web UI.
  • Check for any faults on the Troubleshooting page and address them.
  • If you receive an "Excessive noise detected" warning, adjust the target SPL and retry.
  • Ensure you're not mixing different types of mics.
  • If all else fails, reach out to Biamp support with the necessary logs and details.
Biamp Launch Room Intelligibility Rating

Re-running Launch

There's no harm in running the auto-configuration process again, especially if the room's physical conditions have changed. However, avoid initiating the Launch while in a call.

Biamp Launch heralds a new era in optimizing audio performance for conference systems. With its ability to seamlessly integrate and fine-tune settings for TesiraFORTÉ X and Devio SCX devices, it ensures that businesses can focus on their meetings without worrying about audio quality. It's a testament to Biamp's commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of professional audio-visual solutions.

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