Revolutionizing Virtual Collaboration: Crestron and INOGENI's Certified Breakthrough for Microsoft Teams Rooms

In the contemporary landscape of professional communication, seamless integration and reliable performance are not just expected, they're imperative. With a multitude of platforms facilitating virtual meetings and presentations, the demand for superior audio-visual systems has skyrocketed. Within this dynamic context, Crestron emerges as a vanguard with its latest feat—the Automate™ VX Plus system's certification for Microsoft Teams® Rooms, in collaboration with the cutting-edge INOGENI SDI2USB3 converter.

The Integration that Matters

Imagine a boardroom scenario where technical glitches are a story of the past, where virtual collaboration is as intuitive as a face-to-face conversation. That's the scenario Crestron's Automate™ VX Plus system, paired with INOGENI's SDI2USB3, is promising. This certified solution is not just a piece of technology; it's a leap towards unparalleled professionalism in virtual interactions—be it corporate meetings, educational sessions, or global town halls.

Inogeni SDIUSB3

The Essential Trio for a Flawless Experience

The certification encompasses three pivotal components: the Automate™ VX Plus, the INOGENI SDI2USB3 converter, and an array of Crestron's NDI-enabled PTZ-IP and AutoTracker 3 cameras. This trio stands as the linchpin for a system that offers not just connectivity but an unmatched user experience.

A Symphony of Technology for Virtual Spaces

Crestron's AutoTracker™ and AutoFramer™ cameras, orchestrated by the Automate™ VX Plus, capture high-quality video streams transmitted via SDI—ensuring impeccable video quality over distances up to 330 feet—before the INOGENI SDI2USB3 converter transitions this stream into a USB 3.0 signal. This harmonious technological symphony enables the Crestron UC Flex System to deliver a meeting experience that is not just seen but felt.

Crestron 1Beyond Auto Tracking Cameras

Fostering Inclusivity in Virtual Communication

The Crestron Automate™ VX Plus solution elevates the concept of meeting equity. It empowers hands-free operation and automatic camera switching, combined with superior optical zoom and dynamic camera switching. Multiple camera angles ensure that every participant, regardless of their physical location, is both seen and heard, fostering a truly inclusive virtual environment.

The Gold Standard of Compatibility

Microsoft's rigorous certification process is more than a mere stamp of approval; it's a guarantee of excellence. The acknowledgment of INOGENI’s SDI2USB3's robust technology by Microsoft solidifies its standing as the gold standard for seamless user experiences.

Certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms

INOGENI's Mastery Over Conversion

Handling high-definition video and audio conversion with zero latency, INOGENI simplifies the complex with its SDI to USB 3.0 technology. It encapsulates high data throughput, plug-and-play ease, and advanced features like active SDI loop output, color space conversion, embedded audio extraction, and Digital Fluid technology. This mastery over conversion is not just a technical achievement; it's the backbone of fluid, lifelike virtual interactions.

A Unified Solution for Diverse Platforms

The INOGENI converter's adaptability extends beyond Microsoft Teams® Rooms. It boasts compatibility with Barco ClickShare Conference and is certified for use with Zoom, ensuring that the system is versatile across multiple platforms.

In summary, the synergy between Crestron's Automate™ VX Plus and INOGENI's SDI2USB3 is not just a technological advancement; it's a new paradigm for professional virtual interactions. This collaboration has set a new benchmark for virtual meeting solutions, one that promises to redefine the way we connect in the digital age.

Barco Click Share CX-30

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