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Flexible building partitions incorporating transparent OLED have been designed by Gensler’s digital experience team in co-operation with manufacturer Maars Living Walls and LG.

LG Display’s transparent OLED technology has been integrated into a modular partition system, with product design by Gensler’s Digital Experience Design and Product Development practice areas.

Transparent OLED allows content to be integrated into the M923 digital panel system without the visual interruption seen in a traditional display.

The M923 digital product, which consists of interlocking steel profiles and interchangeable snap-in-place panels, can structure interior spaces with short-term and long-term flexibility.

Maars Living Walls

Gensler worked with manufacturers Maars Living Walls and LG to develop the system.

“With the changing landscape of hybrid work technologies, extended reality, the metaverse and experiential platforms in general, there’s a real need for products that can support the dynamic nature of the built environment,” said, Michael Luck Schneider, director of media architecture at Gensler in a video produced to accompany the new development.

He added: “Having digital display technology embedded in your environment enables the end user to rapidly change that environment to meet the needs of those using that space. They can go from making it a place for a hybrid meeting to a place for meditation, relaxation, health and wellness, and to a social event where you support community and culture within your environment.”

Customize your wall! Finding the perfect balance between openness and privacy isn’t easy. Luckily, M923. offers the solution. With a few quick alterations, you can transform the layout of your partition wall precisely as desired. A user-friendly way to create a space that offers the necessary functionalities. Created in collaboration with Gensler, serving as a product design consultant.

Style it – Fix it – Flip it.

There is a staggering demand for openness and transparency in the workplace. However, a completely open floor plan comes at a price. Employees get distracted, acoustics are hard to control, and there is little space for personal interactions. With the M923. you can have it both ways. Customize your environment in no time, with all the appliances you need, so you can keep working in focus.

M923. APP

Download the App from the App Store

Users and architects can discover the possibilities of M923, with an augmented reality app available on the APP store and on Google Play. The AR app allows the customized wall, with available panels, to be placed virtually in a room. The specified wall with accessories can then be easily forwarded to order.

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