137-inch NEC Direct View LED is the Perfect Fit Your Conference Space Upgrade

The conference rooms at NetApp had been a source of frustration for a long time. With the expansion of the business, the need arose to install a sizable LED Videowall to enable engineers to present project plans and spreadsheets to clients effectively.

With offices in California and Headquartered in Nevada, Creation Networks has been a leader in highly technical and innovative electrical design and construction since 2006. Their team of consultants, engineers, project managers, tradespeople, installers and professionals deliver the best solutions for customers’ electrical engineering and construction needs.

The NetApp conference rooms have been causing headaches for years. Along with an aging projector system, the original installed equipment never quite worked as intended. . Things changed when NetApp began returning to the office and working with their teams on bigger projects.

“Our business has taken off, and we began seeing the need for larger group meetings,” Bart Saunders, NetApp AV/Multimedia Services said. “The budget for this division increased, and our AV partner Creation networks finally figured out the solution to our problem.”

It Is Time for a Big (137-inch) Change

At that point, Bart explained, the team decided to change-up the technology entirely. With a bigger budget to work with, the decision was made to install a large LED videowall as the room’s visual focal point.

“We wanted to create a conference room that reflected the size and scope of the business,” Bart said. “Creation Networks presented us with options, and LED displays in the 137-inch size range were the sweet spot in terms of price.” Out of the many display options considered, the team quickly gravitated toward the NEC LED commercial videowall displays.

“Because we knew NEC is a great brand in terms of quality, performance, and price, we reached out to NEC to look at their large conference room displays,” Bart said. “When we got to the NEC showroom and saw the Direct View LED display, we all fell in love with it and didn’t want to consider anything else.”

It wasn’t just bigger, Bart added, the NEC 137-inch Direct View LED display was ideal for creating a high-impact space for NetApp to hold its most important customer meetings. It further provided an all-in-one solution with easier front-of-screen maintenance, along with outstanding color and detail.

Time Tested

A little under a year since the NEC Direct View LED display was installed, the Creation Networks team has heard nothing but positive feedback from NetApp users.

“Given the type of work we do, detail is critical. The NEC Direct View LED display delivers the crystal-clear images our engineers need to showcase project plans and spreadsheets to customers,” Bart Saunders of AV/Multimedia Services said. “The brightness and color are also outstanding. We haven’t heard anything negative about the screen. Everything they throw at it presents well.”

As is typical with AV installations, there were a few bumps along the way. A few parts were delayed, pushing back the initial time frame; a panel had bad pixels, but there were spares included; and the color matrix required adjusting.

“We’re very meticulous, and we asked to have the color callibration adjusted,” Bart said. “The Creation Networks tech team came in and dialed it in really well. They were terrific to work with.”

All in all, the installation process went smoothly, the team agreed, including righting the bad panel.

“We used the vacuum tool to remove and reinsert panels,” Bart said. “We were cautious at first about damaging them, but they’re actually very durable and resilient. It was easy to do.”

Looking back over the experience, the NetApp technical IT/AV team concluded that NEC lived up to its brand reputation, both in product quality and customer experience.

“Our NEC rep, Melissa Wlikins, is great and worked with us closely to ensure that our customer needs were met,” said Eric Benson from Creation Networks. “Whether it’s desktop monitors or big-screen conference room displays, the NEC products we’ve tested and used are top-notch.”

“The most notable improvement is that the image quality has greatly improved since we installed these NEC products. The image quality is nice and crisp and is sure to provide better overall meeting experience for our executives and their guests.”

Bart Saunders, Multimedia Specialist for NetApp

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