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Concord United Methodist Church partnered with Creation Networks for a NEW VIDEO streaming solution, audio upgrades and video DISTRIBUTION for mutilpe spaces. The church had made the transition to LIVE streaming during the pandemic, and it received great feedback from their congregation.

To make the full transition when in-person services returned, Concord Methodist required an update to their audio and video systems to accomodate video streaming & recording technology. This was also important as they welcomed their new pastor to lead the church.  

When designing the audiovisual system, it was important for Creation Networks to identify all the hardware & software components needed for a successful service online and with in-person attendees. A needs analysis of their system determined they had a limited budget, so we worked to integrate existing audio & video equipment as much as possible.  

A key factor in designing a low-maintenance and reliable system maintaning is minimal points of failure, high-quality equipment, and an expert installation.  

Live streaming video production system

We started the design with a Wirecast Gear Video Streaming Production System. This includes the hardware and software to supply a solid video streaming production platform. From there, we specified & installed 3 PTZ cameras based on the Vaddio IP camera system. Thie components consists of the network switch, PTZ cameras, and decoder were part of the requirements for the AV system. Video streaming cameras connect and are powered via a single shielded CAT6 cable, but most importantly it will offer easy expansion in the future.

The Expanded Video distibution system

Four additional displays were installed in the main chambers, plus a display in the seperate chappel room for those attending with children and babies. Our audiovisual team worked to engineer a series of digital amplifiers for gerat audio and to bring a low-latency stream to those members. Bases on problems with old HDMI splitters, the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) and HDCP (High bandwidth Digital Content Protection) issues were addressed with our Crestron HDMI video distribution & HDMI extender devices so that all displays worked reliably.

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Audio system upgrade

The existing audio system had two problems: the existing suspended room mics did not work and were in the line of site of the pastor’s lectern. Faulty wiring due to age, old hardware and a myriad of adapters only added to their frustration.  

To eliminate audio issues, we tested all existing microphones and audio lines to be reused. A failing mixer and a mixture of bad audio lines were not salvageable. Creation Networks decided to replace the core components of the system, the amplifier and mixer. All cabling was upgraded & installed with the proper connectors to eliminate adapters.  

For the suspended microphones, the old bailing wire was removed and replaced with a single aircraft cable above the stage. This line was raised to be above the sightline of the cameras and the congregation. Two microphones created a stereo image so that the streaming viewers could hear the choir, piano, and church ambience. 

Overall, Concord United Methodist Church can now accommodate those attending church remotely, in another room, and deliver a high-quality service to those in person. Sandy Blazer, the church’s Creative Director, wanted a solution that was reliable and easy to use. We are pleased to have been able to deliver just that at a great price.

Reach out to Derek Teaderman at Creation Networks for your next house of worship live streaming project.   or call him at 925-448-4371

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