tvONE CORIOmaster2 CM2-547 Modular 4K-8K Multi-Window 4RU Video Processor

tvONESKU: CM2-547
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Spec Sheet

CORIOmaster2 (CM2-547) is a powerful, efficient approach to building large 4K/8K video display systems. Multiple video windows can be positioned on LED, display based video walls or projector edge blends, displaying any of the sources connected to CORIOmaster2. Windows can be visually “transitioned” into position, resized or rotated to any proportion allowing designers to achieve striking visual effects. Each system can support up to three separate 4.1 Gigapixel video canvasses with up to sixty four windows per canvas depending upon the source resolution, frame rate and size of windows. CORIOgrapher, the control software for the CORIOmaster2 series of processors, is a simple, easy to use design interface that enables window and source positioning and transition effects. This dynamic feature is easily managed through presets in CORIOgrapher or by simple commands executed by third party control systems. Fifty presets can be saved permanently in the system.

Patented CORIO® video processing technology
752Gbit system bandwidth (360Gbit output bandwidth)
Up to 128 windows per system (40 x 4K60 total)
Up to 64 windows per canvas
Manage up to 3x 4.1 Gigapixel canvases (over 12 Gigapixels of
design space)
4RU frame size
Modular (8x Video Input Slots, 7x Video Output Slots and 1x Audio Slot)
Cascadable (future expansion – requires additional expansion module)
Field upgradable (flash, upgradeable via download)
Low power consumption when compared to PC based
Uses CORIOgrapher, an easy to use and powerful software
CORIOgrapher live dashboard to switch presets and window
Automatically discover device on the network using
Simultaneous output from 4 to 28x 4K60 outputs and 1 to 8x
4K60 Inputs (Quad 4K60 input module coming 2020 to increase to 20x
4K60 inputs)
Simultaneous output from 4 to 28x 4K30 outputs and 2 to
16x 4K30 inputs (Quad 4K60 input module coming 2020 to increase to
24x 4K30 inputs)
From 8 to 56x full HD outputs and 2 to 32x full HD inputs
Windows and displays can be rotated in 1° increments
Versatile DVI inputs: (HDMI/DVI/CV/YC/RGB/YPbPr)
4K60 input & output modules
HDMI outputs: (8x 1080P60 or 4x 4K60 modules available)
4K HDBaseT inputs
SDI inputs SD/HD-SDI/3G-SDI to 1080p60
H.265 4K/30 Streaming Media & 4K Playback Input Module
High resolution analog inputs
HDMI inputs & outputs with HDCP handling
Support for custom output resolutions (future expansion 2020)
Combination of different size and resolution of displays can
be used
Customizable bezel compensation
Multi-edge blending of projectors
Up-down-cross conversion
EDID manager
Secure command interface
Real-time status feedback through events
Simple serial control protocol
Command line interface – third party control
Crestron modules available
IP decoding low latency mode
IP stream labelling
Audio support (one stereo pair per canvas)
Audio module to embed and de-embed
Dual redundant power supply
Universal DVI adapters
Optional air inlet filter
Onsite system commissioning (US Only)

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