SpinetiX- SX-SE-UP3Y-EL-S 3 year update plan for current Elementi S installation

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3 year update plan for current Elementi S installation

SpinetiX's vision of 'simple & powerful' digital signage software has just become a reality. Elementi lets you create high impact projects, and deliver visually rich experience to virtually any combination of screens. Combining Elementi with our HMP players makes a compelling solution for a broad range of digital signage solutions.

Save time, reduce costs, and streamline projects. Role based content editing and publishing is a powerful tool. Each person has unique skills and experience, and the role assigned can exactly match these. Use unlimited number of devices. A simple 'Devices' view allows you not only to view all the devices, but also to check a status per device. Having a shared network can facilitate collaborative work environment, as well as boost quality content creation, and reduce costs.

Elementi-S is compatible with the following Windows operating systems; Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows® Vista with Service Pack 2.

  • Create: Have a playlist or a layout ready in acouple of time.
  • Edit: Choose and order media in a clean andstructured layer view.
  • Preview: Ensure the quality of your projects,view and test before you publish.
  • Publish: It's simple: select a project and atarget device to publish to.
  • Browse: Local or remote repositories are easily accessible in'browse' panel.

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