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Logitech TAP Solution Overview

Add a full-featured video conferencing system that supports full connectivity with Google Meets with this Tap medium Room Solution for Google Meets bundle from Logitech. The bundle includes the Logitech Tap touchscreen conference controller, the Rally webcam, one speaker, one mic pod, a mic pod hub, a display hub, a Mini PC, a PC mount, and a camera mounting kit.

This bundle for large rooms can cover a conference room for approximately up to 46 people. The two mic pods connect through the Mic Pod Hub to the Display Hub, which then connects to your existing TV display. The Display Hub also outputs audio to the two included speakers, which can be mounted around the room. The Rally Plus camera also connects to the Display Hub, which then connects to the Mini PC for broadcast over the internet. The Tap can control all the elements through the mini PC from its 10.1" touchscreen and Teams Room software is pre-installed.

Key Features

Logitech Room Solutions for Google meets

Transform any space into a Microsoft Teams Room on Windows with one-touch join or Proximity Join, wired and wireless content sharing, and center-of-room control with Tap.

Medium Room Solution

Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meets include everything you need to build out meeting rooms of virtually any size or shape-a mini PC, a PC mount, a UHD Logitech conference cam with RightSense technologies, and the Logitech Tap touch controller. Plus, device management has never been easier through the Microsoft Teams Admin Center or Logitech Sync.

Rally Plus Camera

Enjoy maximum flexibility with Logitech Rally Plus for large rooms, a premium conference camera that pairs an UHD PTZ camera with modular audio that scales to support a wide range of large room sizes and layouts.

Logitech Tap

Logitech Tap touch controller for room solutions has a responsive 10.1" touchscreen, commercial-grade cabling and cable management, and supports no-touch room pairing with Proximity Join. Optional table and riser mounts add convenience and rotate 180° for easy viewing. Or, add a wall mount to save space in small and multipurpose rooms.

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