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The Jelco JEL-1312 RP Padded Hard Side Travel Case (Black) is a wheeled case with a removable laptop pouch. It is designed to carry various brand LCD projectors. The case is constructed from DuPont ballistic nylon, rigid ABS plastic in the walls and high-density foam around the projector and laptop. There is a rear compartment for the LCD projector and a front pocket that will hold a laptop computer up to 14.5 x 11.75 x 2.0" plus a large front pocket for accessories. The case has an inside accessory area for cords, cables and a compartment for a Zip drive or small video camera.

The JEL-1312 RP case is transported by a padded carry handle, a comfort grip extension handle that locks at 36 and 43" and built-in ball-bearing skate wheels. There is an extension platform for stability when the case is at rest.

  • DuPont ballistic nylon
  • Rigid ABS plastic in the walls
  • High-density foam around the projector and laptop
On Board Meets current FAA regulations for carry on luggage Note: Specifications are subject to change; always check with the carrier Compartments
  • Rear compartment for LCD projector
  • Compartment for a Zip drive or small video camera
  • Removable, front pocket will hold a laptop computer up to 14.5 x 11.75 x 2.0"
  • Large front pocket for accessories
Extension platform for stability Carrying options
  • Padded carry handle
  • Comfort grip extension handle locks at 36 and 43"
  • Ball bearing skate wheels
Compatible with
  • 3M H10 projector 3M S10, S20 projectors
  • 3M X62w, X68, X75 projectors
  • BenQ PB8140, PB8240, PB8250, PB8253, PB8260, PB8263 projectors
  • Boxlight BEACON projector
  • Boxlight CP-07t, CP-10t, CP-14t, CP-15t, CP718e, CP-745e projectors
  • Boxlight PRO2020 projector
  • Boxlight Seattle WX25N, X22N, X26N, X30N, X35N projector
  • Canon LV-5300, LV-7250, LV-7255, LV-7260, LV-7265, LV-7300, LV-7365, LV-X6, LVX7 projectors
  • Canon REALiS SX6, SX60, X600, X700 projectors
  • Canon XEED SX6, SX60, X600 projectors
  • Compaq MP1200 projector
  • Dell 4100MP, 5100MP projectors
  • Dukane 8077 projector
  • Dukane ImagePro 8070, 8077A, 8301, 8301-RJ, 8758, 8760, 8761, 8767A, 8768, 8769, 8771, 8772, 8774, 8775, 8777, 8779, 8911, 8915 projectors
  • EIKI EIP-1600T, EIP-3000N, EIP-3000NA projectors
  • Epson PowerLite 81p, 821p, S3, S4 projectors
  • Hitachi CP-SX5600, CP-SX5600W, CP-X268A projectors
  • InFocus LP 630 projector
  • InFocus X1, X16 projectors
  • Mitsubishi EX51U, EX53E, EX53U projectors
  • Mitsubishi HC1500, HC1600 projectors
  • Mitsubishi SD510U projector
  • Mitsubishi WD500U-ST, WD510U, WD510U-G projectors
  • Mitsubishi XD500U, XD500U-G, XD500U-ST, XD510U, XD510U-G, XD520U, XD520U-G, XD530U projectors
  • Mitsubishi XL650U projectors
Compatible with
  • NEC HT 100, HT 1100 projectors
  • NEC LT 220, LT 240, LT 240K, LT 245, LT 260, LT 260K, LT 265, LT 380 projectors
  • NEC VT 440, VT 470, VT491, VT 540, VT 570, VT 650, VT 670, VT 770 projectors
  • Optoma EP 770 projector
  • Optoma EzPro 738, 739, 741, 745 projectors
  • Optoma H27 projector
  • Optoma TXR774 projector
  • Panasonic PT-L520U, PT-L720U, PT-L730NTU projectors
  • Philips bSure SV2, XG1, XG2 projectors
  • Philips cClear SV1 projector
  • Philips LC3131, LC3136, LC3141, LC3142 projectors
  • PLUS U7-132, U7-132h, U7-132hSF, U7-132SF, U7-137, U7-137SF projectors
  • PLUS V-332, V-339 projectors
  • Proxima LS1, LX projectors
  • Sanyo PLC-SU07N, PLC-SU10N, PLC-XU07N, PLC-XU10N, PLV-Z1 projectors
  • Sharp PG-C30XU projector
  • Sharp XV-Z10E projector
  • Sony VPL-CX61, VPL-CX63, VPL-PX11, VPL-XC63 projectors
  • ViewSonic CINE5000 projectors
  • ViewSonic PJ503D, PJ557D, PJ559D, PJ560D, PJ862, PJD6220, PJD6230, PJD6240 projectors

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