Facilis HUB One 768TB Stack - Dual 32 drive units (D32)

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The Facilis HUB One 768TB Stack is our premiere bandwidth aggregation device for storage area network servers. It is a high-performance multi-server volume manager and centralizes the bandwidth of two or more Facilis servers to provide a single access point for clients.


Facilis HUB One 768TB Stack Features

Included with all of our shared storage for video editing servers is the Facilis Shared File System which easily accommodates the most complex multi-platform environments and enables collaboration among the most popular programs and audiovisual formats. With the HUB One you will have what seems like limitless storage with capacities of 128TB up to 1PB in a single server stack.

With the Facilis HUB One 768TB Stack, deliver 4K film color grading to low-bitrate craft editorial in a scaled environment. Developed exclusively for advanced video editing, the HUB One is easy to use and affordable to deploy. It changes what is traditionally clunky about other network file systems but keeps the scalability and reliability that they’re known for.

Included with this bandwidth aggregation device is our advanced Web Console management software. This browser-based software works on every device and gives you total control over your servers. Create, change, and permission project-based storage volumes that act like basic hard drives. Easily manage your server and give complete user access or apply total security.

The Facilis HUB One 768TB Stack provides the performance to get the job done. To buy a shared storage server today, contact Creation Networks at 925-446-4332

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