Audio-Technica COMBINE8 IEM transmitter combines up to eight in- ear monitor transmitter signals into a single front panel mounted antenna connector, provides DC power for up to eight IEM transmitters

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The RF Venue COMBINE8 enables you to actively combine signals from up to eight in-ear monitor (IEM) wireless transmitters into a single transmitting antenna. IEM transmitter combination for multi-channel systems greatly lowers the probability of intermodulation artifacts arising from multiple adjacent transmitters interfering with one another—thus improving audio quality.

The COMBINE8 can be used with any brand of IEM transmitter set to transmit at 50mW or less as well as any type of directional antenna. The rear panel houses eight BNC transmitter-input connectors and one BNC antenna output.

An external DC power supply is included to provide DC power for up to eight IEM transmitters, removing the need for wall warts and reducing clutter.

For your convenience, RF Venue offers the 8-Channel In-Ear Monitor Upgrade Pack, which bundles the COMBINE8 with a CP Beam helical antenna, and a 25" low-loss RG8X coaxial cable.

RF Venue CP Beam Antenna

The CP Beam Antenna by RF Venue is a uniquely designed, long-range antenna for wireless microphones and IEM (In Ear Monitoring) systems. Featuring a circularly polarized yet lightweight design, the CP Beam delivers optimal RF performance in a package that folds flat for easy storage and transport. The CP Beam Antenna operates on a wide frequency range of 470 to 698 MHz.

The antenna weighs just 2.5 lb and provides 9 dB of gain making it useful for long-range applications. Widely used on concert tours, it's ideal for outdoor applications. The CP Beam can be connected to any brand of IEM, wireless mic, or UHF intercom. 

Key Features
  • High-performance directional UHF antenna with a wide frequency range of 470 to 698 MHz
  • The antenna quickly deployed and stowed, fitting in a 2 RU rack drawer
  • The 9 dBd of gain makes it a suitable choice for long-range applications
  • Connects to any brand of IEM, wireless mic, or UHF intercom 
  • Can be used on major concert tours and comms systems
RF Venue RG8X Low-Loss Coaxial Antenna Cable (Black, 25')

This black, 25' RG8X Low-Loss Coaxial Antenna Cable from RF Venue is a 50-ohm cable that features BNC connectors and offers a cost effective, reliable interconnect. The cable is constructed with a double-shielded braid over foil to provide the right balance between loss and flexibility.

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