C2G 12ft USB 2.0 USB-C to USB-A Cable M/M - Black - 28873

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This USB 2.0 USB-A to USB-C cable is the perfect solution for connecting a smartphone, tablet, or another mobile device with a USB-C port to a computer with the standard a USB Type-A port for USB 2.0 communication.

The USB-C connector has a robust design allowing for the connector to be plugged in and un-plugged up to 10,000 times. The sturdy construction ensures that the product provides peace of mind and is built to stand up to the rigors the most demanding on the go life. The USB-C connector has a symmetrical design which is identical on both sides, it does not matter if you plug it in upside-down or right-side-up. It will plug in the first time every time while preventing damage to the connector port. The color coded USB Type-C connector allows this cable to be easily identified as a USB 2.0 cable and differentiated from other cables which may support a different feature set.

Charge the newest smartphone or tablet quicker. Ensure correct operating power to webcams, external hard drives or other peripherals. This cable can deliver up to 5 volts and 1 amp from a computer to any connected device.

Get mobile quicker with the ability to sync, download pictures, or upload new apps at maximum speed. Ensure the quickest upload of the newest season of your favorite tv show with data transfer rates up to 480Mbps, then disconnect and get on with your active day.

Note: This cable is designed to support USB 2.0 communication and features and is not able to support USB 3.1 Gen 2 Communication and features.

Color : Black
Length : 12.00 Foot
Jacket Rating : Standard Non-Rated
UPC : 757120288732
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 0.272 LB
Electrical Specifications
• Voltage Rating: 30V
• Dielectric Strength: AC-500V/1 Minute No Breakdown (EIA-364-20)
• Insulation Resistance: DC-500V 10M#/1 Minute No Breakdown (EIA-364-21)
• Conductor Resistance: 24AWG—93#/KM Max
• Attenuation (Max): 0.2dB at 1MHz; 0.39dB at 4MHz; 0.57dB at 8MHz; 0.76dB at 12MHz; 0.95dB at 24MHz; 1.35dB at 48MHz; 1.9dB at 96MHz; 3.2dB at 200MHz
• Propagation Delay Skew: High-Speed Max 26ns; Low-Speed Max 18ns; 100ps High-Speed Only
• Impedance: 90±15%#
• Common Mode Impedance: 30±30%#
Physical Specifications
• Operating Temperature: 0°C - 50°C
• Operating Humidity: 20% - 85% RH
• Storage Temperature: -25°C - 70°C
• Storage Humidity: 0% - 90% RH
• Cable OD: 3.8mm ±0.2
• Shield: Shield 1: AL Wrap coverage 100%; Shield 2: Braid 16/4/0.10 TC
• Hood Type: Molded
• Warranty: Lifetime
Conductor 1 Specifications
• Material: Stranded Tinned Copper
• Size: 30AWG (7/0.10)
• Insulation: HD-PE
• Color: White/Green (Twisted Pair)
Conductor 2 Specifications
• Material: Stranded Tinned Copper
• Size: 24AWG (7/0.20)
• Insulation: SR-PVC
• Color: Red/Black
USB 2.0 Type-C Connector
• Gender: Male
• Insulation: Black
• Contact Material: Gold Flashing
• Shell Material: Nickel Plated
USB 2.0 Type-A Connector
• Gender: Male
• Insulation: Black
• Contact Material: Gold Flashing
• Shell Material: Nickel Plated

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