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Effective communication is crucial for all court proceedings, regardless of their size. Creation Networks offers solutions that are specifically designed to enhance audiovisual reproduction, speech privacy, and distance conferencing. This enables judicial services to be conducted with unparalleled precision and clarity.

AV integration in courtrooms poses a major challenge, mainly due to the fact that courthouses are often older buildings with outdated infrastructure. Additionally, there are numerous technologies to consider for courtroom AV solutions, making scalability a concern. As a result, during integration, the AV crew may have to remove, replace or integrate existing technologies with new ones.

To ensure successful integration of audiovisual solutions in courtroom environments, it is recommended to seek assistance from a certified AV integrator. They possess the necessary expertise and familiarity with such solutions, and can also adapt to project requirements as they evolve.


It is crucial to ensure that all members of the jury can clearly see and hear everything that is said during a trial, including speeches from attorneys, witnesses, and judges, as well as any audio evidence presented. Our loudspeakers are specifically designed to produce high-quality sound, allowing every juror to fully understand the proceedings with great clarity.


Judges Chambers

In order to ensure privacy and minimize distractions, judge's chambers need effective measures for speech privacy. Biamp's sound masking solutions provide this by reducing external noise and safeguarding the confidentiality of conversations within the room.

Judges Chambers

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Hybrid Conferencing Systems that integrate all Participants and Deliver all Essential Communication and Document Sharing • Add Remote Participants via Zoom or Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Software • User-Friendly Recording Management of All Public & Private Communications • Distribute Participant’s Voice, Video, and Laptop Content • Turn Key SolutionS • User-Friendly Technology with Minimal Training Required • Certainty of Confidentiality and Privacy

Virtual Court

When conducting court proceedings remotely, having high-quality audio and video is crucial. Biamp's conferencing solutions are specifically designed to overcome the challenges of distance communication, providing unparalleled video streaming and crystal-clear audio that is unmatched in the industry.

Virtual Courts

Remote Video Arraignment

Courts encounter numerous obstacles in their pursuit of delivering justice promptly. Limited resources, a progressively diverse populace, and challenges in upholding a secure courtroom atmosphere are typical. However, the use of remote video arraignment serves as a helpful solution to alleviate some of these problems.

In this scenario, Biamp Tesira provides the audio and video processing for both the courtroom and remote arraignment room. The mic/line inputs on the TesiraLUX IDH-1 eliminate the need for an additional input endpoint in the arraignment area. VoIP connectivity enables the capability for remote testimony and interpretation, further streamlining cases by allowing courts to interact with qualified personnel without incurring travel costs or increasing logistical coordination. The AVB/TSN card installed in the PC running For The Record software allows all of the courtroom and remote arraignment audio to be recorded for transcription later



If you live in a large city with multiple languages spoken, finding a qualified interpreter might be easy. However, if you live in a smaller town or speak an uncommon language, getting legal help can be difficult. Fortunately, Biamp offers optimized conferencing solutions that allow distance court interpreters to translate simultaneously. This means that both the speaker and the interpreter can speak at the same time, preserving the natural flow of the conversation. Biamp's technology creates an echo-free, natural sounding connection, and eliminates the need for interpreters to be physically present in the courtroom. This reduces costs and enables courts of all sizes and locations to support a wider array of interpretation services.

Conference Rooms

When using conference rooms for legal purposes, it's important to have speech privacy and clear intelligibility. That's why we offer a range of high-performance video solutions, camera systems, and loudspeakers, as well as versatile audio solutions like sound masking. With our optimized audiovisual experiences, every legal proceeding can be conducted with ease.

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