LG 3.91mm, 1000nit, Versatile LSCA039-RKL left Cut- Digital Signage Display - LSCA039-RKL

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Powered by LG’s high performance system controller, the LSCA series is compatible with LG software solutions including SuperSign CMS, LED Assistant, and ConnectedCare, which help customers operate their own business flawlessly. Various factors including magnets on the top and bottom, positioning pins, handles and fast locks help installers easily set up and dismantle the LED screens without additional tools. The LSCA series applied a simple Lock Fixing method which requires no additional tools, making it easier to replace LED modules or power/data units. It saves cost and time for maintenance.


  • Digital Signage Display - Ideal for rack, passageway, booth or display counter
  • Experience luminescent visual images with LCD display
  • LED backlighting offers a fine uniformity to display effective pictures at a low cost
  • 90° Corner Design Available
  • Front or Rear Serviceability
  • Compatible with LG software solutions
  • LG SuperSign
  • LG ConnectedCare

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