Crestron SW-XIOC-P-1 XiO Cloud® Provisioning and Management Service, Premium, for one device, 1 year subscription

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The XiO Cloud® service is an IoT (Internet of Things) based platform for remotely provisioning, monitoring, and managing Crestron® devices across an enterprise or an entire client base. Built on the Microsoft® Azure® software platform and utilizing Microsoft's industry‑leading Azure IoT Hub technology, XiO Cloud enables installers and IT managers to deploy and manage thousands of devices in the time it previously took to manage just one. Unlike other virtual machine‑based cloud solutions, Azure services provide unlimited scalability to suit the ever‑growing needs of an enterprise.

XiO Cloud supports a direct device-to-cloud connection via the Azure IoT Hub without requiring any additional hardware. The service allows for direct integration with Crestron's global manufacturing and logistics network, allowing devices to be configured before they are shipped to the installation site.

Where other cloud management solutions are focused on a narrow set of devices and functions, XiO Cloud brings the efficiency of cloud management to dozens of device models—ranging from configured UC solutions to custom‑programmed control systems—all in a single interface. Support for new devices is made available via firmware updates. For a complete list of all devices that are currently supported by the service, refer to the "Supported Devices" section.

Premium tier licenses (SW‑XIOC‑P series) for XiO Cloud enable advanced provisioning and management functions for one device. Licenses are purchased per device for one, two, three, or five years or for one, two, or three quarter years. For more information about the provided functions and features, refer to the "Specifications" section.

NOTE: As of the July 2020 release of XiO Cloud, all new accounts must use the room-based licensing model. Existing XiO Cloud accounts may continue to use device-based licenses or can be switched over to room‑based licenses at any time.

  • Supports a direct device-to-cloud connection via the Microsoft® Azure® software IoT Hub without requiring any additional hardware
  • Remotely provision, monitor, and manage Crestron® devices across an enterprise
  • Apply changes to multiple devices at once by organizing them into groups and subgroups
  • Update firmware and configure settings for multiple devices simultaneously
  • Schedule actions such as program load, firmware updates, and reboots for a future time, including recurrence patterns
  • Monitor the status of all connected devices remotely
  • Claim hundreds of devices to the cloud before installation
  • View real world device usage information using interactive and filterable charts
  • Send alert messages to specified users when a device enters an error state
  • View error logs in an alert status pane that also displays resolution status
  • View and control touch screen devices remotely
  • Track account usage and changes with cloud audit logs
  • Integrate status information into other monitoring tools via REST API interface

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