Crestron DM-NVX-DIR-160 DM NVX Director™ Virtual Switching Appliance, 160 Endpoints

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The Crestron DM-NVX-DIR-160 is an enterprise-grade network appliance that facilitates configuration, control, and management of a large-scale AV network using DM NVX® encoder and decoder endpoints. The DM-NVX-DIR-160 virtually emulates the functionality of a traditional hardware-based DM® matrix switcher, routing high-quality 4K streaming AV signals throughout a room, building, or campus.

The DM-NVX-DIR-160 supports a maximum of 160 DM NVX endpoints. Multiple DM NVX Director™ network appliances can be deployed to handle corporate enterprise, university, government, military, medical, transportation, sports, entertainment, hospitality, gaming, and retail applications.

Simple and Flexible Configuration
The DM-NVX-DIR-160 automatically discovers up to 160 DM NVX endpoints on the network and enables each endpoint to be assigned as a logical input or output within a domain. Up to 20 domains are supported. For larger systems, multiple DM-NVX-DIR-160 network appliances can be used. Alternatively, the DM-NVX-DIR-ENT, which supports 240 domains and includes additional enterprise features, can also be used.

Easy Web-Based Setup and Control
The DM-NVX-DIR-160 provides an intuitive web-based user interface to facilitate system configuration, signal routing, and diagnostics of the complete AV network. Each domain and endpoint, as well as the inputs and outputs of each endpoint, can be designated with a user-friendly name. Navigating the entire system is easy using the search box to quickly find domains, endpoints, inputs, and outputs by name or address. A system overview screen is also provided, showing the video and audio signal status for every input and output in a graphical layout that is easy to view and navigate.

Interdomain Routing
Video inputs can be routed to video outputs within a single domain. In addition, support of interdomain routing enables video inputs within a domain to be routed to video outputs of one or more other domains. Routing control of AV signals is accomplished by using the web interface or control system programming.


Multiple Control System Support
The DM-NVX-DIR-160 supports Crestron 3-Series® or later control systems. A single control system, referred to as the Global Domain control system, can be assigned to all domains simultaneously. In addition, support of multiple control systems enables the Global Domain control system or another control system, referred to as a Domain control system, to be assigned to each domain on an individual basis. The Domain control system that is assigned on an individual basis must be different for each domain. Assignment of multiple control systems is accomplished by using the web interface or control system programming.

  • Network AV system configuration, management, and signal routing
  • Compatible with Crestron® DM NVX® encoders and decoders
  • Support of 160 endpoints and 20 domains
  • Fully scalable for a network of any size
  • Intuitive web-based graphical user interface
  • Full programmable control of virtual matrices and physical endpoints
  • Automatic endpoint device discovery
  • Interdomain routing
  • Multicast address control
  • Credential management of DM NVX endpoints
  • Custom naming and search tools
  • Easy diagnostics and signal status display
  • XML device map file import and export
  • Built-in logging
  • Multiple control system support
  • Four 1000BASE-T RJ-45 ports
  • 1 RU 19-inch rack mountable
  • Universal 100-240V internal power supply

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