Crestron AMP-X75 X-Series Amplifier, 75 W

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Spec Sheet

The Crestron® AMP-X75 is a high performance, space saving, energy efficient amplifier that’s totally configurable, yet simple to use. Whether you need a stereo amplifier that mounts on a wall or under a table, or a high impedance speaker run fed from a rack mounted unit, the AMP-X75 is simple to specify and install in any configuration.

LoZ (4/8 Ω) and Hi-Z (70V or 100V) Output
The AMP-X75 is a 2-channel amplifier (up to 35 W per single‑ended, low impedance channel) which can also be configured for a single channel of bridged operation (up to 75 W for the bridged channel), or for a single channel of high impedance operation (up to 75 W) to drive a distributed speaker system (70V or 100V). Balanced and unbalanced inputs are available for connection to a single stereo or two mono source(s) via detachable terminal blocks or a 3.5 mm TRS connector. Balanced and unbalanced inputs are summed for simultaneous use.

NOTE: Each configuration can output up to its respective power rating.

Solid and Efficient Performance
The AMP-X75 is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability with low distortion, low noise, and high power headroom. Advanced Class D technology maximizes efficiency to reduce power consumption and heat dissipation. An internal universal power supply ensures consistent performance at varying line voltages.

Convection Cooling
The efficient design ensures cool running operation and long‑term reliability. The AMP-X75 is high-density stackable with other Crestron modular amplifiers, allowing multiple units to be installed vertically in an equipment rack without needing extra ventilation space.

Modular Design
The AMP-X75 is housed in a quarter-width rack-mountable form factor that can be installed individually or ganged together with other units in a single rack space. The amplifier ships complete with all the hardware required for installation. Rack and surface mount parts are included, so there are no other mounting accessories or rack shelves to purchase. Whether mounting in a rack, attaching to a flat surface, or placing on a shelf, it’s easy to combine multiple amplifiers into a single assembly.

Fully Protected
The AMP-X75 features protection against overheating, shorted or overloaded speaker lines, excessive input signals, and other faults. In the case of a shorted speaker line or overheating condition, outputs mute automatically until the fault condition is resolved. In the event of a prolonged fault, such as an internal component failure, the outputs mute instantly and the amplifier shuts down.

ENERGY STAR® Certified
An energy-efficient design enables the AMP-X75 to meet demanding ENERGY STAR requirements. In addition to its high efficiency operation, the AMP-X75 powers down automatically when no input signal is detected for more than 25 minutes, reducing overall power consumption and heat as part of an Energy Star® compliant system design. The amplifier quickly powers back on the instant an input signal is detected. A remote input can connect to a contact closure to place the amplifier in standby mode.

Key Features

  • Compact, configurable ENERGY STAR® certified power amplifier
  • Quarter-rack width form factor, gangable with other next generation half- and quarter-rack width form factor Crestron products
  • 1 RU high design is surface or rack mountable
  • Configurable for either LoZ or Hi-Z operation
  • Configurable for 1 x up to 75 W output for Hi-Z or
    Bridged or 2 x up to 35 W output for stereo low impedance
  • Low noise, low distortion, and high headroom
  • Comprehensive fault and speaker protection
  • Captive speaker connectors for secure and robust connectivity
  • Support for two channels of balanced or unbalanced line inputs
  • Stereo or mono-summed operation
  • Convection cooled for noiseless operation
  • Standby functionality turns on amplifier in approximately 0.1 s when input sensing circuitry detects an audio signal
  • Rack and surface mount parts are included
  • Stereo ALS line level output for assistive listening systems
  • Remote standby feature allows for instant on/off control over amplifier outputs via a simple contact closure input
  • Front panel power/standby, Hi-Z, fault, and signal/clip indicators
  • Internal universal 100-240V power supply

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