Build out your eSports facility and procure the right technology

eSports Environment Assessment and workshop

It's difficult to go from a blank room to a fully interactive esports environment. With Creation Networks Esports Technology Assessment, we consult with your staff, identify your esports requirements, and conduct a suervey that includes recommendations for further eSports programs and technology buildouts.

Environment Assessment help you to defines your scholastic esports priorities

Esports Enviroment
Esports Education

Level up your esports facility with the right technology

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach for establishing a scholastic eSports program. In working with countless K12 and Higher Ed institutions, Creation Networks has identified the technology requirements schools must consider for their eSports environment, whether this includes creating a space for kids to play video games after school, assembling an eSports program for STEM education with a set curriculum, or creating a state-of-the-art gaming arena for league and tournament play.

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Unlock your esports potential with the right network

Without the right network, your gaming experience will suffer - even with the best esports equipment. With Creation Networks industry-leading partner ecosystem and networking experts, we'll help you select, deploy, and manage infrastructure and network assets that fit your Technology needs.

Esports Education

With a great esports program comes great cybersecurity responsibilities

Cyber criminals are unfortunately using esports environments to attack main school IT infrastructures. Firewalls & network security protect your esports devices, data center, and networking technologies while offering endpoint security to further enhance your cybersecurity program.

Scholastic esports — assembling your winning program

Creation Networks focuses on what makes a superior, smooth-operating, and well-rounded scholastic esports program, what its goals and metrics should be, and how to sustain a vibrant, evolving environment that earns community-wide support.

If you want to get started with eSports but don't know where to begin, learn the critical elements schools must consider when building out their program.

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