Q-SYS Delivers a Mass-Scale Experience on Las Vegas' Strip, from Luxury Suites to the Casino Floor

Q-SYS Delivers a Mass-Scale Experience on Las Vegas' Strip, from Luxury Suites to the Casino Floor

The luxurious suites, event spaces, and public areas at Resorts World Las Vegas are being transformed into an experience of unparalleled quality as a result of a partnership with Q-SYS.Q-SYS Platform is a software-based solution that is capable of handling large-scale centralized processing across two towers, over 3,500 rooms, as well as various dining and event experiences, as well as a massive casino floor, which is comprised of over 2,000 endpoints.It should be noted that Q-SYS can also easily accommodate growth plans and ever-changing requirements as the company grows.

Powered by two Q-SYS Core 5200 Enterprise Cores, one for each tower of the hotel, the luxurious suites are comprised of twelve different types of rooms, all equipped with fully automated systems, which include AV distribution, ceiling speakers, in-wall touch screen controls, and environmental controls for the suites.The One Touch Living integration team created a series of custom Q-SYS I/O dashboards in order to provide real-time visibility into each of these spaces.

“It’s a very powerful platform,” said Corey Brushia, president, One Touch Living. “I discovered I can use CSS to build out some really nice user interface dashboards, and there’s so much that we can do with it.”

In addition to the nightclub, there is also a dayclub that is part of the nightlife hub as well as a social gaming and dining experience, as well as a venue for experiential dining. All of these areas must function independently, while also integrating with each other for special events.There is also a need for control systems to strike a balance between functionality and simplicity in order to meet the needs of a wide variety of users within these spaces.

Using Q-SYS' open architecture, Solotech has customized an overarching event management system, with the ability to integrate third-party devices, in order to deliver an event management experience that is flexible, yet integrated, while leveraging Q-SYS as the heart of the routing capabilities of the system.

“The Q-SYS Platform is incredibly inclusive of their third-party partners, so the diversity you can build in is by far one of the nicest things I’ve ever had with any product,” said Ben Baczenas, integration system designer at Solotech.

It is important to understand that these common areas, which include the gaming floor, hotel lobbies, gaming salons, corridors, hallways, vestibules, elevators, and many others, are all part of the larger system, but they also are distinct from each other.Q-SYS and Dante are software-based and as a licensed feature, they are able to provide simple additions to the network, which includes everything from Bluetooth audio to DJ inputs.

Additionally, Q-SYS Open technology enabled the team to standardize regardless of type of space regardless of the size and complexity of an installation as large and variable as Resorts World Las Vegas.There is a distinct advantage to having the ability to quickly conceptualize and adjust globally, as well as giving the ability to the in-house AV team to quickly master the system as well.

“Q-SYS is the only truly network friendly audio, video and control platform,” said Shane Snell, project manager, National Technology Associates. “I don’t think I design anything right now but Q-SYS.”

Resorts World Las Vegas has partnered with Technology West Group to implement a massive AV-over-IP network that consists of over 2,000 Visionary Solution endpoints and 2,000 Q-SYS audio channels that cover nearly every area of the property, thanks to the installation of over 2,000 Visionary Solution endpoints.A number of plug-ins are readily available for Visionary Solutions endpoints, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into Q-SYS endpoints, making it the ideal partnership to act as the network foundation for Resorts World Las Vegas.

“The support is one of the greatest stories of Q-SYS—it’s very rare now in the industry that you have a great product matched with great support,” said Richard Reisig, vice president, technology West Group.

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