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While the pandemic made working from home very popular, many companies are now encouraging their teams to return to the office. However, the world will never be quite the same again, and taking extra precautions is vital to ensuring everyone feels safe in their work environment. For one, in-person meetings will look different, and there’s plenty for you to do to ensure you’re prepared for this new normal. Read on to learn how to prepare your meeting rooms for returning employees.

Adopt Detailed Health and Safety Guidelines

One of the first things to keep in mind during this time is the list of health and safety guidelines you’ll need to enact for your team. Frequent sanitization of your meeting rooms is critical for preventing the spread of illness. Whether performing regular cleanings of the meeting areas or keeping disinfecting solutions nearby for employees to use at their discretion, adhering to these rules will make everyone feel safer.

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Move Meetings to Larger Areas

You can also prepare for in-person meetings by converting small conference rooms into larger meeting areas. Viruses spread more easily when individuals are in close proximity to one another. Therefore, expanding your conference space and allowing people to sit farther away can do wonders for their comfort and overall safety.

Accommodate Social Distancing

Another way to prepare your meeting rooms for returning employees is to accommodate social distancing. Along with conducting your meetings in larger areas, it can help to control how far apart your team members sit from each other. Six feet is the national guideline for protecting individuals from the spread of viruses and illnesses. So if possible, spacing your chairs six feet apart can be a very effective practice for keeping everyone safe.

Upgrade Your AV Equipment

Additionally, even if many people return to the office, it doesn’t mean that all of them will. In this case, you’ll need an AV system capable of seamlessly bridging the gap between your in-person and remote employees. Upgrading your meeting room technology is also a great way to engage with far-away clientele and improve overall company communication.

At Creation Networks, we want to ensure all businesses have the technology they need to make the most of hybrid meetings. Our collection of conference room AV systems includes a diverse array of video walls, 4K video cameras, video conferencing systems, and options that suit a variety of meeting needs. Whether you need better audio or want to improve the visual output of your conference displays, we have exactly what you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make the necessary upgrades.


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