How Microsoft's Signature Teams Rooms Enhance Meeting Experiences
A big push is being made by Microsoft to create Signature Teams Rooms. With Microsoft Teams Rooms, you can communicate in a whole new way. We want to create an environment that encourages creativity and collaboration. Teams will find these rooms to be the ideal place in which to work together on their projects in order to collaborate efficiently and achieve their goals.

Signature Teams Rooms: what are they?

For Microsoft's hybrid workplace, the next generation of room standards is informed by the needs of both remote participants and in-person attendees. Meetings held in Signature Teams Rooms foster personalized and meaningful connections while making everyone feel included, represented, and productive. They are designed to deliver an elevated hybrid meeting experience. Using Teams Rooms software, hardware, and configuration guidance, the team room follows a set of principles.

This concept, based on a set of experience principles, consists of two main goals, which form the framework for the signature Teams Room concept.

Goal 1: There is a sense of inclusion, representation, and productivity in the meeting.

Principles of design:

  • A remote participant will be able to establish a genuine presence in the meeting room.
  • Participants in the meeting can maintain their individual identities while in the room.
  • The meeting participants can engage in boundaryless collaboration with each other during the meeting.

Goal 2: There is a sense of natural connection and immersion.

Principles of design:

  • As the experiences are scaled to be as human-like as possible, they enable interactions that feel as if everyone is in the same room at the same time.
How Microsoft's Signature Teams Rooms Enhance Meeting Experiences

It is important to note that the Signature Teams Rooms are not intended to replace all of the meeting rooms in your organization, but to complement existing Microsoft Teams-based meeting rooms within your organization. It is highly recommended that you deploy them strategically within your organization in areas and locations where face-to-face interactions with remote meeting participants will be of the greatest value to the company.

How Microsoft's Signature Teams Rooms Enhance Meeting Experiences

The room above features a curved table with participant seating positioned on one side, the room allows both participants in the room to remain visible to each other as well as the remote participants to stay face-to-face with each other throughout the meeting.

There is plenty of space in this space to accommodate six to eight people comfortably. For this project, you will need a space that measures approximately 25 feet wide by 14 feet deep.

 What is the best time to deploy this room type?

In addition to existing meeting spaces in your company that use Microsoft Teams, Signature Teams Rooms are intended to be an addition to existing meeting spaces that utilize Microsoft Teams in your organization. In order to achieve the most effective face-to-face interaction with remote participants, it is imperative that you strategically place these meetings in the most suitable locations and spaces within your organization.

Throughout the life cycle of Microsoft Teams Rooms, we will continue to provide people-centric hybrid meeting experiences that will be made available via updates to the software. It is crucial to have hardware technologies and room configuration guidance in order to optimize some Signature Teams Room experiences. It is the combination of these elements that makes up the Signature Teams Room as a whole. The first step towards transforming Microsoft Teams Rooms into Signature Teams Rooms that you need to do is to evaluate how many of them you wish to convert.

In what capacity does this space function?

In this space, small groups can participate in an immersive Teams meeting experience. With Microsoft Teams Rooms, meeting participants are able to work together seamlessly while presenting and co-creating content both remotely and locally.

Cameras: how do they work?

A wide-angle camera is placed below the displays at the front of the room so that everyone in the room can be captured. Ultrawide-angle cameras feature intelligent tracking of meeting participants so that they can be seen individually rather than as faces within a large image of the entire room.

Creation Networks has strong partnerships with Microsoft and the following hardware manufacturers. With the support of Creation Networks, an AV (Audio Visual) integrator, you can expect to install Microsoft Signature Teams Rooms seamlessly.

If you need help deciding whether to choose the traditional or Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms, we can help.

Get in touch with us for the best solution.!

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