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Through VC-4-Room Crestron Virtual Control Server, Crestron optimizes the virtual control of meeting rooms

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In comparison to traditional hardware control systems, this software-based solution from Crestron streamlines the deployment and scalability of enterprise spaces, allowing rooms to be configured much more quickly.

Crestron's software platform VC-4 complements the company's hardware-based control systems and offers a more scalable alternative, while still maintaining the same functionality.

It provides a software control platform that can be scalable and that is compatible with existing hardware-based room control solutions, allowing enterprise IT managers to significantly expand the level of options they have for room control.

VC-4 from Crestron supports up to five hundred control spaces on a single server, and you can deploy custom or standardized configurations to hundreds of rooms in a matter of seconds. This allows you to save time and labor costs, as well as extend the overall lifecycle of the control platform.


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Scalability that is secure and fast

Enterprise IT departments are being forced to set up a greater number of rooms than ever before due to the explosion of hybrid work and the growing need for additional collaboration spaces in the enterprise. As part of the VC-4 software-based solution that Crestron has designed specifically for this purpose, the implementation of this ever-expanding set of rooms will be accelerated. It is secure and fast, as well as expandable.

Using Crestron VC-4, IT specialists can design and configure Unified Communications, audiovisual, and room control systems; save those settings and then automate them in a fraction of the time, reducing labor costs significantly for common applications, as this solution streamlines the set up process for custom applications, thereby significantly reducing labor costs.

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As well as this, due to the fact that it is integrated with standard programming languages, such as C# for computer scientists or SIMPL for AV professionals, the program does not require any new training for its execution and usage.

Using SIMPL's native integration, Crestron's thousands of certified programmers will have complete parity with SIMPL's native integration. In a digital age, where enterprise environments are increasingly digital, standard-based design unlocks essential scalability, as well as running smoothly alongside wider manufacturer ecosystems, such as technology Flex Digital Workplace and content distribution DigitalMedia, offering users an integrated user experience with advanced functionality through a standard-based design.

VC-4 is also equipped with the technology operations management platform XiO Cloud, which provides device lifecycle management, remote control, and assistance in maintaining operational standards and maximizing room uptime at scale efficiently with a single dashboard for an enhanced view of all room data.

ASC Crestron Surface on Olympus Photo: Christian Kretschmar

Due to VC-4's standards-based, service-oriented architecture, IT teams can also leverage existing infrastructure for redundancy and fault tolerance. As an on-premises solution, VC-4 also supports enterprise-level security protocols.

Server-based VC-4 functionality allows local data storage and greater control of security patches, server maintenance, and firmware updates in the cloud without having to access the public cloud.

Toine C. Leerentveld, senior group product manager, Crestron control solutions, says that the VC-4 software solution offers enterprises an extensive range of room control options with the capacity to deliver immense value at a large scale. No matter what preferences an enterprise IT department has, we are confident that with the addition of the VC-4 to our room control portfolio, we will be able to provide them with a solution that is tailored to their specific requirements.

It is worth noting that Crestron also offers a free trial of VC-4, which will be available next year 2 May via this link, as well as a simple one-time purchase model, of about $1.000 per room, which grants users a perpetual license for the software.

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You can try Virtual Control free for 90 days

We invite you to try Crestron Virtual Control (VC-4) risk-free for 90 days by registering for the free trial.


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