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The key component to any digital signage solution is effective content and an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) to help deliver real-time dynamic information. Our CMS partners and services can help you transform digital signage into a powerful communication tool, so you can quickly and easily manage your messaging and make the maximum impact on your audience.

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The more engaging your message, the greater response you'll get. Enhance your message with photos, analytics, social media, RSS feeds, video, and more. Integrate wayfinding, social media, emergency notifications, touch interaction, weather, current events, production levels, and more. Create your own content, or leave it to the experts to target your message—it’s all up to you.
Content creation software and the tools that are digital signage-specific are generally part of a CMS package we sell and support. CMS lets you schedule your content with timelines and make it interchangeable.
To serve that content to your displays, you’ll need a media player. Media players can be as simple as a standalone device to store and play your content like a built-in System on Chip (SOC), flash drive, Small Form Factor PC, OPS module, a device with a CMS built in for more flexibility, or just a network interface to your CMS or Software as a Service (SaaS) server. Ranging from simple to complex, these devices are designed to run up to 24 hours a day, depending on the device and manufacturer.

Content Management Is Key to Any Digital Solution

The key component to any digital signage solution is an effective and easy-to-use content management system that delivers real-time, dynamic information. Watch our video to discover how non-technical personnel can use the built-in templates in content management software to communicate your message with ease. Additionally, learn more about how our resources can help you create highly specialized, complex digital signs.

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Get inspired to think of new ways to reach your audience. Read our helpful overview of digital signage technologies and applications and discover how you can maximize the impact of your message. Download our brochure to learn how you can unleash the possibilities of digital signage today.

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From mainstream digitla signage deployments to sophisticated experiences that support thousands of players, Visit our blog for valuable insights on the latest digital signage content management topics, trends, and more.

Direct View LED (dvLED) by Planar

LED signage delivers amazing visual experience in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, ranging from mission-critical control rooms to exciting concerts and sports competitions to constantly changing outdoor environment.

Direct view LEDs help you captivate viewers with fine pixel pitch signage for a stunning large-scale viewing experience. With a sharp picture and unlimited scalability, your content will catch eyes from any angle. The stunning visual impact and the ability to be seen in high ambient light conditions make dvLED displays the preferred choice for installations like corporate lobbies, conference centers, auditoriums, sports arenas, houses of worship, and airports. Characterized by their ability to provide bright, sharp images, these impressive displays can captivate viewers with breath-taking realism.


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