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How the Shure Microflex MXA920 Enables Better Camera Tracking

There are many calls where some people join from a conference room and some join from a laptop. There may be a discrepancy between how different people appear on the screen as a result. Faces of people calling from laptops or desktop computers fill the frame since they are close to the camera. Meeting rooms, however, typically have one camera above or below the video monitor, so everyone at the table can see each other at once. It is often difficult to tell who is speaking or to catch facial expressions due to the wide camera angle and the greater distance between the camera and each person.

High-quality AV is essential for every meeting, whether it is a conference call, a city council meeting, or a university lecture. The Shure MXA920 microphone is a highly advanced audio solution that provides precise location data for every talker, making it an ideal option for camera and speaker tracking for different room sizes, meeting formats, or camera systems. Various camera systems use this technology to frame close-up shots of individual speakers, alternate or combine shots between multiple talkers, or display a wide-angle view of the room for enhanced personal interaction

Today, remote meeting participants often prefer to see the individual talking rather than just an overview of the entire site. The MXA920 ceiling array microphone transmits talker location data back to the camera control system for accurate framing and focuses on the person speaking, making meetings more engaging. For councils and panels where audience members need to feel engaged and like they are part of the discussion, this has been especially useful. By providing reliable information, Shure Microflex audio solutions ensure that camera control systems always show the talker for more professional-looking streaming and recording.

The Microflex MXA920 Enables Microphone-Based Camera Control

In a classroom environment, both lecturers and students with questions need to be seen and heard during interactive discussions, whether they are recording a conference meeting, capturing a seminar, or presenting to a large audience. With the MXA920 ceiling array microphone, camera control systems can seamlessly switch between the instructor and students for more effective learning. The MXA920 microphone is also ideal for higher education settings. This technology ensures that all voices are heard and captured clearly, even in a large room.

In addition to its precise location data, the MXA920 microphone is equipped with pickup lobes and uses beam-tracking technology. This technology enables the microphone to track the location of the talker and adjust the beam angle accordingly. This ensures that the microphone captures the talker's audio clearly, even if they move around the room. The microphone's advanced technology also allows it to filter out unwanted noise and echoes, ensuring that the audio is clear and accurate.

Shure provides fast and reliable microphone activation

Boost Your meeting interaction and equity

The Shure MXA920 microphone is an advanced microphone that offers precise talker position data and beam tracking technology, making it an ideal option for camera and speaker tracking in large rooms. Its advanced technology enables it to capture high-quality audio in even the most challenging environments. At the same time, its easy installation and low-profile design make it an excellent option for those who want to optimize their workspace. The MXA920 microphone is an investment in your organization's future, providing high-quality audio and video conferencing solutions that will help your business grow and thrive.

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