Matrice 350 RTK DJI Enterprise's latest industrial platform: What you need to know

DJI Enterprise's latest industrial platform: What you need to know

What is the gold standard for a drone that is rugged, reliable, flexible, and easy to operate? Just ask any pilot who has flown commercial drones.You'll be told to get a Matrice. In the last three years, the Matrice 300 has been at the top of the commercial drone industry, but it is now getting a hardware refresh that culminates in today's announcement of the Matrice 350 RTK (M350 RTK).

Discover how DJI's engineers have improved the Matrice 350 RTK to achieve the most effective results. In this article, we will review 8 of the most essential elements of the Matrice 350 RTK:

1. A durable and weather-resistant product

DJI M350 RTK is a drone that excels in durability and weather resistance, making it a reliable tool for various challenging environments.The M350 RTK Shield Plus 1 year is built on the foundation of the industry standards set by its predecessor. Still, it has been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, with a temperature range of -20°C to 50°C (-4 to 122°F).It is also equipped with an IP55 Ingress Protection rating, which means it is completely protected from rain and sand even when folded, a feature not available on other drones.Using the M350 RTK, you can concentrate on your mission instead of worrying about the weather, although it is not recommended to fly in the rain unless it is essential.

Top 8 Features of the M350 RTK - Durability and weather resistance

2. DJI's flagship remote control: the RC Plus

DJI's RC Plus, which boasts an IP54 rating for durability, is included with the M350 RTK. It has been reported that the DJI RC Plus, which was launched along with the DJI M30, has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. Thanks to its larger size, larger screen area, improved ergonomics, and improved screen, real estate are all aspects that will enhance the overall flight experience. The drone can be operated with ease because of the addition of the physical buttons, including the ability to change camera views without removing your fingers from the control sticks, without any hassles whatsoever.It is also worth noting that the M350 RTK supports Advanced Dual Control, which means that two pilots can operate this aircraft simultaneously.

If M300 owners are not ready to upgrade to the M350 RTK Shield Basic 2 Year, the DJI RC Plus is fully compatible and can be purchased separately.

Top 8 Features of the M350 RTK - DJI RC Plus

3. Transmission System

In order to ensure seamless connectivity between the DJI RC Plus and the M350 RTK, the DJI RC Plus features an upgraded OcuSync 3 Enterprise Transmission system.The transmission system is equipped with four built-in antennas (one on each front arm, one under the FPV camera, and one on the backside), which ensure a stable connection between the transmitter and the receiver.As well as this, the propellers have been upgraded to a new material that does not conduct electricity, so there is no interference with the antenna signals.In addition to the enhanced antenna options, the transmission system features a triple-channel 1080p video transmission, facilitating smooth video streaming and easy switching between input feeds. Despite complex environments, the M350 RTK maintains stable connections for as much as 20 kilometers, even in the most challenging conditions.

Top 8 Features of the M350 RTK - Antenna and Transmission

4. The arm locking safety mechanism

The safety and reliability of the M350 RTK are of the utmost importance. As the M300 RTK has the same six-directional sensing and positioning capabilities as the M350 RTK and the built-in redundancy of the M300 RTK, the M350 RTK introduces improvements that enhance its usability.A new locking mechanism has been incorporated into the arm locking mechanism, which features an integrated magnet that detects whether the lock has been properly secured or not.It is important to note that if an arm is not correctly installed, the M350 RTK will prevent takeoff and display a warning message in Pilot 2.A feature such as this ensures that the drone is safe to operate and reduces the risk of accidents occurring during its operation.

Top 8 Features of the M350 RTK - Arm locking safety mechanism

5. FPV camera for low-light environments

With an upgraded front-facing camera, the M350 RTK offers better performance in low-light conditions, making it the perfect choice for nighttime operations. It doesn't matter whether it's a search and rescue operation or a nighttime surveillance operation; the enhanced low-light capabilities of the FPV camera make it easier for users to perceive the horizon and identify obstacles, which will ensure their safety and success during their missions. The FPV camera and the M30 share the same components and sensors.

6. Support for DJI Enterprise payloads with full backward compatibility

All M300 payloads are compatible with the M350 RTK, including the H20N for night operations, H20T for thermal inspections, L1 for LiDAR, and P1 for aerial surveys.As a result of the DJI Payload SDK, the drone's capability to integrate with third-party payloads tailored to serve specific applications is further expanded, enhancing the powers of the M350 RTK.

7. Travel and transport 

Several challenges are associated with transporting a large drone, such as the DJI M350 RTK. Still, DJI has addressed this concern by redesigning the drone's protective case to make it more portable.It can be seen from a side-by-side comparison of the case of the M300 RTK that there is a significant size reduction, making it more convenient to carry and store.As a result of the addition of 360-degree wheels, this case has become more portable, allowing users to easily roll the patient to wherever they want it to be.The foam inserts inside the case have also been completely redesigned to provide better organization and protection for the contents.

A separate case is available for purchase for M300 RTK owners, providing them with enhanced mobility.

Top 8 Features of the M350 RTK - Travel and TransportLeft: BS65 Intelligent Battery Station; Right: Matrice 350 RTK travel case

8. Battery system 

No question that managing batteries is an essential aspect of any drone operation, and DJI has enhanced the battery system of the M350 RTK to streamline the management of batteries.With the M350 RTK, you will receive a redesigned DJI MATRICE 350 SERIES BS65 Intelligent Battery Station that reduces the overall system footprint's size and provides 360-degree wheels for improved mobility and ease of use.

TB65 Flight batteries provide the M350 RTK with exceptional performance, allowing it to fly for a maximum of 55 minutes when fully charged, ensuring a high-capacity battery life.The batteries used on this product are fully hot-swappable, and as a result, they can be quickly swapped out with fresh ones, ensuring that missions are not interrupted by depleted batteries.As a result of extensive battery optimization efforts, each TB65 battery can handle approximately 400 charge cycles before it needs to be replaced, significantly reducing the operating costs per flight compared to the original TB60 batteries, which were only able to handle 250 charge cycles.As a result of the introduction of heat sinks on each battery, which aligns with fan vents in the charging case, it is now possible to charge the batteries quickly and more efficiently by cooling them down during charging.In addition, the charge status indicator has been conveniently placed at the storm's end, allowing users to check the battery's charge status even when encased in a case.

Top 8 Features of the M350 RTK - Batteries

As a result of optimizations made to the charging case, it can accommodate four WB37 batteries for RC use and eight TB65 batteries for drone operation. It offers three different charging modes to cater to specific needs:

  • Storage Mode charges batteries to 50% capacity, perfect for extending battery life when not planning immediate flights.
  • Ready-to-Fly Mode battery pairs are charged to 90% capacity before active flight sessions, enabling quick battery readiness.
  • Standard Mode charges batteries to 100% capacity, suitable for critical missions or urgent situations.

USB-C charging ports on the charging case allow you to charge other devices, such as phones or laptops, quickly and conveniently.

Top 8 Features of the M350 RTK - Battery Station


It is fair to say that the DJI M350 RTK is a new benchmark in drones, offering users unprecedented performance, durability, and ease of use. As a result of its enhanced weather resistance and durability, it makes it one of the most reliable tools, even in the harshest environments.With the DJI RC Plus, pilots can enjoy a better flight experience and efficient operation with a smooth and quiet flight.It is also worth noting that the newly designed arm-locking mechanism enhances the safety and reliability of the video transmission by ensuring stable connections and high-quality video transmission.FPV camera with low-light capabilities expands the drone's capabilities by allowing it to be operated in challenging low-light conditions, which makes it a powerful tool.Its lightweight design and optimized battery system make it very convenient for transportation and battery management since it is designed to be travel-friendly.DJI's M350 RTK is genuinely a game-changer, empowering professionals across various industries to take their aerial operations to a new level.

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