Crestron RMC4 and Cisco Touch 10 Routing and Control Program Bundle - RMC4-Touch10

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Includes Crestron RMC4 Plus the Cisco® Touch 10 Routing and Control Program pre-loaded on the processor. The Control program is a free program that allows Crestron® A/V switcher devices to be integrated into a Cisco room control solution and controlled via the Cisco Touch 10 touch screen, increasing the available HDMI® inputs within the room. The Crestron and Cisco® Touch 10 Routing and Control Program requires no custom programming and can be scaled to easily configure thousands of Cisco rooms through the provided user interface.

No Programming Required - RMC4 is pre-loaded with Touch 10 Routing and Control Program
The Crestron and Cisco® Touch 10 Routing and Control Program is loaded to the program slot of a Crestron RMC4 control system (or one of ten program slots if Modular Programming Architecture is enabled, allowing up to ten Cisco rooms to be controlled by a single control system1). The program provides an XPanel configuration user interface where the HDMI inputs of a supported Crestron A/V switcher device can be mapped to virtual buttons on the Cisco Touch 10. Updates occur in real time to ensure your room reflects the latest configuration. No custom programming is required.

Deployment Scalability
Using XPanel and Crestron Toolbox™ software, configurations can be copied and sent to multiple rooms for instantaneous deployment across an enterprise. Crestron Toolbox permits integrators to distribute configuration files to multiple units on a network over a secure TCP (SSH) connection. If certain rooms require a different configuration, simply make the necessary changes in the program and distribute the modified configuration to those rooms. Crestron also supports an RS‑232 Cisco Touch 10 control option for cases where there is no network connection available (or when one is not desired).

Enterprise-Grade Features
Integrating a Cisco room with Crestron equipment via the Crestron and Cisco® Touch 10 Routing and Control Program allows an enterprise to take advantage of the following features that only Crestron provides:

  • TCP (SSH) security (with encryption)
  • Configuration and testing over a direct connection (no software or web configurator required)
  • XiO Cloud® cloud-based management service
  • Global 24/7 technical support
  • Standard Crestron limited device warranty

Included Equipment

  • Includes Crestron and Cisco® Touch 10 Routing and Control Program
  • Includes Crestron RMC3

Supported Equipment

The following Crestron and Cisco equipment is supported by the Crestron and Cisco® Touch 10 Routing and Control Program.
Supported Crestron A/V Switcher Devices:

  • HD-MD-200-C-E
  • HD-MD-300-C-E
  • HD-MD-400-C-E
  • HD-MD4X1-4K-E
  • HD-MD4X2-4K-E
  • HD-MD6X2-4K-E
  • HD-RX-4K-210-C-E
  • HD-RX-4K-410-C-E
  • HD-RX-4K-510-C-E

Supported Cisco Equipment:

  • SX80 Codec
  • WebEx® Codec Plus
  • WebEx® Codec Pro
  • WebEx® Room 55 Single
  • WebEx® Room 55 Dual
  • WebEx® Room 70
  • WebEx® Room 70 G2
  • WebEx® Room Kit
  • WebEx® Room Kit Mini
  • WebEx® Room Kit Plus
  • WebEx® Room Kit Pro

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