MicaSense RedEdge-P Sensor Kit for DJI Matrice 300 Series

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MicaSense RedEdge-P Sensor Kit for DJI Matrice 300 Series

The RedEdge-P is the rugged, high-quality, powerful multispectral sensor you’ve come to trust, now with a high-resolution panchromatic band for pan-sharpened output resolutions of 2cm (at 60m) - twice the ground resolution of the industry-standard RedEdge-MX. It is a single camera solution that captures calibrated high-resolution multispectral and RGB imagery, with an optimized FOV and capture rate for efficient flights. This solution seamlessly integrates a high-resolution all-color imager with synchronized multispectral imagers to enable pixel-aligned outputs at previously unattainable resolutions while maintaining the efficiency and reliability of the RedEdge legacy. Raw data from RedEdge-P is open for processing using the standard household softwares in the industry.

High Resolution Panchromatic Sensor

With a high-resolution panchromatic imager, RedEdge-P enables higher-resolution RGB and multispectral outputs – 0.78 in. per pixel resolution when flying at 200 ft. With sharper imagery, you can spot smaller problems or features sooner and make more reliable management decisions across a variety of use cases.

Five Multispectral Bands at 1.6 MP Each

  • Blue (475 nm center, 32 nm bandwidth)
  • Green (560 nm center, 27 nm bandwidth)
  • Red (668 nm center, 14 nm bandwidth)
  • Red Edge (717 nm center, 12 nm bandwidth)
  • Near-IR (842 nm center, 57 nm bandwidth)

Fast Capture Rate

RedEdge-P leverages CFexpress, a 2 TB removable storage that enables up to three captures per second, immediate turnaround time between flights by swapping cards, and fast card-to-computer upload speeds for more efficient data management.

Calibrated Multispectral Imagery

Each RedEdge-P camera kit comes with a Reflectance Panel for on-the-ground calibration as well as a DLS2 light sensor for irradiance and sun angle measurements. These radiometric calibration tools account for different weather and light conditions, providing more accurate, reliable data that enable time series analysis and comparability of outputs over time.

Powerful AI Capabilities

Thanks to the panchromatic band, RedEdge-P enables high-resolution RGB and multispectral imagery for machine learning applications such as plant counting and advanced vegetation research applications.

Synchronized Capture of High-Res RGB and Multispectral

Simultaneous capture of up to six bands, enabling multiple high-resolution outputs such as RGB, crop vigor indices and composites (NDVI, NDRE, CIR), and high-resolution panchromatic.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Drones and Processing Software

The RedEdge-P SkyPort ensures perfect compatibility with DJI’s M300 RTK drone. The camera also features an open API interface for easy integration with many popular drone and software platforms.

User-Driven Design - Made in USA

MicaSense products are designed with customer feedback. The RedEdge-P features twice the spatial resolution of previous RedEdge models, a faster capture rate and RTK support for DJI M300 drones. All MicaSense series sensors are designed, manufactured and engineered in the USA.
MicaSense RedEdge-P —  Designed Specifically for UAV and Vegetation Mapping

Plant Counting

Plant counting algorithms require high-resolution imagery. RedEdge-P combines a Panchromatic lens with 5-high-res multispectral lenses enabling high-res RGB and multispectral outputs, allowing plant count even at early growth stages.


Manually measuring plant characteristics is time-consuming. RedEdge-P band combination enables high-resolution multispectral outputs, allowing the detection of variability at the leaf level.

Plant Health Mapping

RedEdge-P’s high-resolution multispectral outputs allow the generation of indices and composites to see individual chlorophyll levels in the plants and compare over time.

Fertilizer Management

RedEdge-P’s high-res and accurate outputs allow easy identification of areas low in nutrients and help monitor the effects of fertilizer applications throughout the season and determine if, when, and where a new application is needed.

Disease Identification

RedEdge-P captures a critical part of the light spectrum for studying plants (712–722 nm), called the red edge band. It is in this section of the spectrum that the first signs of stress start to show. Using analytics generated with the red edge band, it is possible to identify disease sooner and act faster to stop the spread.

Species Differentiation

Some differences among species may not be visible to the naked eye. High-res multispectral data allows for species differentiation, weeds included, by highlighting characteristics such as chlorophyll content, vigor, and leaf size.

Advanced Crop Scouting

High-res multispectral and RGB imagery provides advanced field scouting capabilities. In one flight, it is possible to collect accurate and geotagged information of a problem, making it easy to assess the situation and determine the appropriate intervention.

High-Res 3D Point Clouds

RedEdge-P’s 5.1 megapixel panchromatic band provides over twice the ground resolution of the industry-standard RedEdge-MX, resulting in 3D point clouds with up to 4 times the point density.

Product Details

A Professional, Easy-To-Use Solution For Mounting And Powering MicaSense Sensors On The DJI Drones. Secure Your Sensor And DLS 2 To The Drone And Connect It To Drone Power In Four Simple Steps:

  1. Attach Quick Mount Adapter To Camera
  2. Attach DLS 2 To DLS Mount And Then Attach This System To Your Drone Using Provided Hardware
  3. Twist-Lock Camera In Place
  4. Plug In Cables

*No Communication Between Sensor And Drone Provided.

*This Integration Kit Is Only Compatible With The MicaSense DLS 2. Click Here If You Need To Upgrade Yours.

*Current Integrations Do Not Provide Direct Access To RTK Precision Data On DJI Drones.

*M300 Is Only Compatible With The DJI Pilot Flight Planner.

    • Weight:  10.6 oz. RedEdge-P + DLS 2
    • Dimensions:  3.2in x 2.4in x 2.1in
    • External power:  7.0 V - 25.2 V
    • Spectral bands:  Blue, green, red, red edge, near-IR (global shutter, narrowband)
    • Wavelength (nm):  Blue (475 nm center, 32 nm bandwidth), green (560 nm center, 27nm bandwidth), red (668 nm center, 14 nm bandwidth), red edge (717 nm center, 12nm bandwidth), near-IR (842 nm center, 57 nm bandwidth)
    • RGB output:  5.1 MP (global shutter, aligned with all bands)*
    • Ground sample distance:
      • 7.7cm per pixel (per MS band) at 120m AGL
      • 3.98cm per pixel (panchromatic band) at 120m AGL
    • Capture rate:  2-3 captures per second raw DNG
    • Interfaces:  4 GPIO: Trigger input, top of frame out, 1 PPS out, host button. USB 2.0 port for WiFi, serial, 10/100/1000 ethernet, and CF Express Storage.
    • Field of view:
      • 49.6° HFOV x 38.3° VFOV (MS)
      • 44.5° HFOV x 37.7° VFOV (PAN)
    • Triggering options:  Timer mode, overlap mode, external trigger mode (PWM, GPIO, serial and Ethernet options), manual capture mode
    • Heat:  0-40C ambient (no airflow); 0-50C ambient with airflow >0.5m/s

    * with appropriate post-processing

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