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The camera tracking solution based on voice activation of Sennheiser and 1 Beyond can be applied to spaces of any size, from classrooms to boardrooms, of meeting and multipurpose

The tracking solution of 1 Beyond takes advantage of audio quality and accurate beam position information, provided by the microphone array TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) of Sennheiser, which is combined with the positioning algorithm of the camera to offer close-up shots of people talking in a room, whether they are sitting or standing in any of the room.

It is also possible combine multiple ceiling microphones to cover larger spaces and can be placed up to twelve cameras, distributed anywhere in the room, to get the best angles, regardless of where the speaker is located.

As noted in a statement Charlie Jones, Global Partnership and Alliances Manager at Sennheiser, "1 Beyond offers advanced camera tracking, which blends perfectly with the TCC2 microphone array. Unlike other products, our system does not limit the number of zones that can be used for camera tracking, allowing real-time microphone position information to automatically switch cameras to the optimal view,

Other features of the solution

  • An intelligent switching algorithm: with multiple cameras, remote participants can see different transmission angles without noticing any camera movement.
  • Automatic configuration based on the layout of a space: so you don't need to manually configure camera presets.
  • Customizable socket widths: the installer can select how narrow or wide the angles of the installed camera should be.
  • Ability to distinguish between seated and standing participants: uses the height at which the microphone is located and the horizontal position of the speaker.
  • More camera angles possible per microphone: the beam can be directed up to seven hundred unique positions, providing more accurate audio location information.
  • Multi-source designs: shows a spacious shot of the room, together with that of the active speaker for the context.
  • Discussion mode, showing the two most recent speakers side by side.


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