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Not all hybrid workers are the same.
Which one are you?1

The make-do-er
Still struggling with your built-in webcam and the headphones that came with your mobile? Did you know you can get devices that have been specifically created and certified for professional use?
Jabra professional devices have been certified by and for Microsoft Teams and Zoom for easy connection and quick collaboration. Combined with AI-enabled features and noise-cancellation technology to ensure you look, hear and sound better than ever. Enhance your efficiency and boost your productivity, for a professional performance, wherever you work.

The wrong tools for the job-er
You wouldn’t cut a pizza with a spoon. Or go for a run in your slippers. So why are you using a device that’s not designed for professional use to make important work calls? Not to mention all the other great features you’re missing out on…
Our Evolve2 series of professional headsets meet Microsoft’s Open Office requirements, so you know you'll be heard clearly even in the noisiest open-plan spaces. And because all of our devices are certified by and for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, they offer easy integration – along with a full suite of features like optimized call controls and a 360° busylight – for an all-around improved professional experience.

The could-do-even-morer
If you’re already using Jabra professional devices, we don’t need to tell you how amazing they are. But you might not know that we’ve expanded our professional range even further…
Complete your hybrid-working kit with our incredible AI feature-rich video conferencing cameras and world-leading professional-grade Evolve2 headsets – all specially engineered to meet the challenges of hybrid working. Technology moves really fast and we've harnessed its power to bring you the latest AI-enabled features so you can be your professional best, every day and everywhere.

  • Better experience = better adoption. When your teams can connect easily with colleagues over their UC platform, they're more likely to keep using it. And better adoption means better ROI. 
  • Support from all angles. Professionally certified devices come with enterprise-grade warranties, direct support from leading UC platforms, and remote device management assistance with Jabra Xpress software. So you and your teams can forget about the tech and focus on the job. 
  • Work-anywhere flexibilty. With easy plug-and-play setup, extended battery life and wireless range, multiple connectivity options, and full UC compatibility, you'll keep everything running smoothly, no matter how disbursed your teams are.

More people than ever are now choosing to work from home for at least part of the working week, but 42% of office employees4 say they lack the equipment and technology they need to do their job effectively from their home office. As well as this, 52% are worried that the communication challenges of working from home may negatively impact their career prospects3. With the right set of tools, you can minimize your commute, improve your work-life balance, and enjoy all the added flexibility that hybrid working can bring, without any of the communication compromises.

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